Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Eve!

In another 12 hours time,
Its time to say HI to 2011!  =)

Yay! Today is New Year Eve, and seriously, I can't wait to end 2010 now! I am craving to start a new journey in my life! 

While, 2011, is gonna be a new experience for me. As I am free from school regulations, wearing school uniforms, no more a PRS and bla bla bla. I have to start my new college life in KDU College. I have to start making new friends, start to improve my languages. start to study more, more and more so that I won't regret in my life in future, and not to forget, enjoy college life! 

Not to forget, I have to learn how to drive! AND DRIVING REALLY FREAKS ME OUT! =(  The 3rd lesson of my driving lesson, had made me phobia to driving. Seriously, driving is freaking harder than my SPM! *not kidding!*  Maybe I am born to phobia towards driving? I have no idea. I guess, I just lack of confident huh? I really need to get more driving lessons now. 

So, for my new year eve plan, tonight I will going to Desa Park City to countdown with my friends. Too bad Carmen can't join us. Less fun. =(  We will have our dinner in either The Steamboat Ketam Village in DPC or Nelson Tan in Metro Prima. 

Anyway, we will definitely ROCK Desa Park City tonight! Can't wait! =)  

Fireworks tonight!!
2011, Here I Come!  =)


  1. Happy New Year!! all the best in ur study at KDU too :)

  2. happi nu year...n enjoy ur life as a uni student..say yes to FREEDOM!!

  3. @hocan thanks! =) Happy new year too!

  4. @mei chi thanks! same to u too =)

  5. Hey.... HA ha hahhahahahah!!!
    Happie new year!! =)

  6. @eunice thanks! Happy new year! =)

  7. Happy New Year!!! I am taking the driving law study now!