Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fun at the Peak!

Home sweet home! =) Finally, i am back from Genting Highlands! Seriously, outing with friends are much much better than with family. Different experience. Its like, I can have more fun, more crazy with my friends compared to my family. Weird eh?

So, talking about my Genting outing, I really enjoyed very much. Although its just 2 days 1 night trip, but it seems like a long-lasting journey. Lol.

December 15
Woke up at 8 in the morning. Get prepared and headed breakfast with Ling Sze, Lyn, Carmen and Pearly. Met Kar Yee and Merrissa too. After breakfast, we headed to One-U bus station. By the time we reached there, the bus alrdy waiting for us. So, we started our journey and reached the cable car station. We didn't go up the peak by cable car. Cable car was out of function that day. Sad =(

Reached there safely by shuttle bus. The weather was good, really good. Not too cold, not too hot. No mist. What a nice weather to go outdoor theme park eh? xD We headed to the First World Hotel lobby and waited to check in. Soon, we got to check in, and headed to our hotel room. The room was not that big, but its okay. We didn't expect to sleep there too.

Had our lunch at Mcd first. After that, we headed to our PLAYLAND - Outdoor Theme Park! Heee! =)  Since its school holidays now, a lot of visitors here. So, basically, every single rides we will have to wait for like 1 hour. We had 13 people in a group. So, we decided to split and went for any rides that had less people. But mostly, we had our rides at night, because no need to line up! xD  The weather was cold, cooling at night. But we had fun there.

Talking about the rides. Once, we had the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. And this was very very very funny! 13 of us, and we sat on 5 boats respectively. Kok Kuan, Merissa and Kar Yee sat on the first boat, and they went up and down 'swiftly'. While Ling Sze, Pearly and Catherine sat on the second boat, and their boat stucked on the peak of the slope! The boat can't move at all. And the other 3 boats, were like what?! xD And, we were all like, in the middle of the steep slope. For at least 15 minutes! But at least, finally the boat went down 'swiftly'. Luckily. =) We were all wet after the ride. Super cold!

Had dinner at Pizza Hut at night. Ordered pizzas with Lava Cheese! My favourite! xD After that, we went for the Space Shot. Me and Ling Sze shouted like mad, like nobody business. Lol! I was so nervous at first. When it slowly moved up, i starting to be scared, regret. Haha! But at last, we shout, we scream, and we had fun! =)  Outdoor Theme Park at night, was a different experience. The view was nice. The weather was cooling. And no need to line up too! =)

December 16
Didn't sleep well the other night. Was cold and was shivering at times. It ended up I woke up with sleepy eyes, hair like Bom Bom hair, and my face looked terrible. I woke up at 7am, and i slept back again. Was too exhausted to wake up. The floor was icing cold. Rather stayed on the bed. *smart decision! =)*

Tried my best to wake up at last. Took a hot bath, and I feel fresh again. Played cards with my friends in the room while waiting for my hair to dry up. After that, we had our breakfast in one of the restaurant there. The food wasn't that bad too. Then, we headed for a movie too. First time watching movie in First World Cineplex. Lol. Watched Rapunzel, The Tangled Tale! What a nice, cute, funny movie! Loveee the chameleon - Pascal, the most! =)

We had to skip our lunch, since we had to catch up with the bus, where the bus left at 2.20pm. Only one bus went back to KL. We had no choice but to buy the tickets immediately. We bought the tickets at about 2pm, and we rushed back to the hotel to pack our stuffs. Iissh! So hurry wey! =(

Slept in the bus. Was too tired to move. Reached home at about 5pm.

Honestly, I did enjoyed this trip very much. It was indeed, an unforgettable outing, since we had so much memories there. Had fun with all my loves. I know its tiring, but worth it! =)

Phew! used one hour +  to post this blog! Will post the photos soon. Ciaoz!


  1. Glad that you have a nice trip..:)

  2. outdoor themepark is open at night too?

  3. hey, why no photo? Aik... its so good to be young~~~ I also feel like wanna go Genting end of this month before back to Melaka again.

  4. @camy yeap, at night too. until 10pm =)

  5. @YY haha! lazy to upload ma xD yea, get a chance to go there, really. spend time with friends =)

  6. Eee,din ajak me to go :O heheh I watched Rapunzel ytd too,love Pascal! He's dam cute n funny XD

  7. yerrrr, make me feel like going to genting too :P

  8. @steph haha, i dunno eh? i also 'tumpang' to go genting ones xD yeap, love that movie weyy! so cute lil pascal! and the horse too! xD

  9. @hilda haha! go la =) will have fun! xD

  10. @domokun haha! now i miss genting alrdy! =(