Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here we go, Cameron Highlands.

Was kinda 'busy' these few days. Busy, in a GOOD way, as in busy with shopping. =)  Yesterday I couldn't blog since I went Ikea and Ikano to shop. And I had my another hair rebonding as my 'self-transformation'. Will post up the photos of me, after rebonding, soon. Well, I went to Curveee to shop today, with my aunt and cousins. Watched Narnia 3 with them. It was a very nice movie, very adventuring and exciting. Love Reepieechie the most. Cute ones! =D Bought a short sleeveless black dress from Kitschen too.

So, its time to blog about the trip to Cameron Highland. I had planned to let all my photos do the talking. TODAY IS JUST NOT MY DAY TO BLOG. sorry bloggers. =(

So, my family and I, with my cousin went to Cameron Highland on Sunday. We stayed in Equatorial Hotel in Brinchang. It was a very nice hotel, lobby was good, classy. Room was big but the only problem was the swimming pool was small. 

Daddy driving there.
The road was so winding.
Had to use GPS since daddy don't know the road well.

The mist was heavy.

Equatorial Hotel.

Outlook of the lobby.

Outside the hotel.

from the view in the balcony.

We visited a lot of the famous spots in Cameron Highlands, such as Chocolate Factory, Strawberry Farm, Tea Plantation, Flower Nursery, waterfall, night market and so on. Had Charcoal Steamboat in Brinchang town too. First time having Charcoal Steamboat. Great experience! =)

The long stick is the charcoal.
unique right?

So now, i will let the photos do the talking. Enjoy 'reading' it! =)

little piggy =)

Octopus and piggy head!


All these can eat! very delicious =)

Love shape chocolate!

Different types of chocolate. 

 This plant is scary!
Eat flies! xD

Brothers and sisters!


P.S  not spider! xD

Purplish all the way ! =)

 Hibiscus opening soon =)

P.S  its not cabbage yea!

Colourful cactus!

Pink roses!

Red daisies!

Yellow daisies!

Photos of me and family. =)

Me and my cousin =)


Daddy and Mommy!

Mommy, sis, cousin and me.

Yum yum! Strawberries is lovee!


The outing was nice, a memorable ones. The weather was very cooling since its rainy season. Love the place there, the weather and the people there. Will visit Cameron Highland again if I get a chance to do so. =)

And again,
its not my day to blog today. 


  1. I love Cameron Highlands. I used to go there every year because my family loved it so much. Made me feel as if I was in another country when I wasn't. Now I'm studying abroad and I'm dying to have a taste of the burning hot sun!

    I LOVE the pictures of the pastries u put up!! They're so cuuute!! Looks delicious too. Anyway, lovely post. =)

  2. @RS thanks for your compliment deary =)
    studying abroad? where? Cameron Highlands, indeed a nice place to visit. Loveee it!

  3. great. now i'm motivated to plan a trip there!


  4. @mistarj of course u should visit there! xD nice place for vacation! =)

  5. @lilian haha, now u can have a chance to 'eat' the snake! xD

  6. ahhh nice trip>< i tried the long charcoal steamboat b4 XP

  7. love the piggy shape cute..

  8. Stayed at where you stayed before! Cute little pastry too! What is it made of?

  9. whoaaa i had long time never been cameron dy )=

  10. @zhi wei err, its red bean paste inside! =)

  11. wow, your photos made me miss the good old times i had in cameron, been a long time since my last visit to cameron the red nice..

  12. Cameron Highlands! I miss the strawberries :) Btw, I am writing a post of cameron too! ^__^