Monday, December 27, 2010

I assumed, its a BAD, BAD day!

Hello bloggie! Feel like blogging now. LOL. Well today, my aunt brought me and my sister to 1 Utama to shop. My cousin and a friend of us went together too. We went to KDU University College first. We found out more about the courses and fees in details. And, i guess, I will going to study in KDU University College since I got the full scholarship. I just need to pay a small amount of money. And the college is nice. I love the environment there. Will be starting in January Intake. "CAN'T WAIT TO TOUCH MY BOOKS!" LOL!

After the visit to the college, we went to 1 Utama to shop. We reached there by noon. So we took out lunch at Gardens. It was a nice, pretty restaurant. And the food was okay too.

Overview of the Gardens.
Decorations there.
Take 1.

Take 2.
The elegant white piano was there too.

A 'tree' ?
Its a speaker actually. Unique right? =)

I ordered set lunch of the day.
And this is one of the dishes.
Spaghetti Cabonara. 
Its delicious. Yums! 

Hmm, after lunch, we went around the shopping complex and started our 'hunting'. Lol. I wanted to buy a pair of heels or some 'closed-toe shoes'? But the heels or shoes i wanted are not available in my size. So sad. =(  

And my day became worse when my 'old friend' visited me. My tummy hurts again. Sigh. Sometimes, i really hate myself, for having these sickness. It was really, really very pain. I can't describe the pain, but it really hurt me, lots. I barely can walk. And i vomited too. This is so terrible! =(  I felt dizzy at time, and i hardly can see too. I just feel like, 'owh, i am going to faint now!' 

I can even feel my veins and intestines were twisting in my stomach and I really can't bear with the pain. My sister, really helped me a lot. Thanks sis! She waited for me in the washroom for more than half an hour. I decided to rest and sat on a bench in the shopping complex. While the others went to shop again. I told them not to wait for me. Don't want to spoil the fun. My aunt bought me some medicines from pharmacy and I took it. I felt better after a few hours i guess. So, i spent most of the time sitting on the bench. Lol. 

My sister and I bought a black, stylish handbag from Bonita for my mom too. Its her Christmas present. Will give to her when she comes back from work tomorrow. Miss her! My sister bought a skirt from Cotton On and a spaghetti top from Kitschen. While I had nothing for myself. Thanks to my 'cute' little tummy! =(

Badminton date with my gang tomorrow, from 9 am to 11 am. Will go for lunch with them after that. Pray hard that my tummy will be fine tomorrow. Finger-crossed. I really, cannot bear with the pain.


  1. Drink warm water, hope it helps! Get well soon anyways :D

  2. I went to the garden before too xDDD

  3. @hilda i tried that. but not really effective =(

  4. @steph yea , i like the decoratives there! =)

  5. @ken @Allison thanks for ur concern! =)

  6. U want study at KDU?
    btw,what course u want to take?:)
    last but not least,get well soon^^

  7. I have sensitive tummy too. That's why I always have a bottle of medicine with me anywhere I go. :)

  8. I hate when sickness disturbs my happiness :(

  9. @sol-mate thanks! hmm, maybe UNSW Foundation in Science

  10. @gun hmm, yea, so troublesome! eeek! =(

  11. @pris hmm, yea, it ruins our life!