Saturday, December 25, 2010

Belongs to me?

Jingle bell, jingle bell,
jingle on the way!

Merry Christmas world!
Christmas always smell good right?  =P

I woke up very early this morning. I guess its about 6 something in the morning. I have to reach my uncle's house in Bandar Utama by 7.30am. So i quickly dressed up and headed to my uncle's house with my bro and sis. I wore a little black dress as my outfit of the day.

outfit of the day!

Had dim sum with my relatives before heading to church. The dim sum was delicious! =)  After breakfast, we headed to First Baptist Church @ Subang Jaya. I am not a Christian, but I'm there to have fun since its Christmas! Had fun singing those worship song. 

After a few hours service, we went to 1 Utama to shop. Cotton On and Forever 21 are having a big sale now. The clothes are quite cheap actually. Bought a new hoodies from Padini for myself. Its my own Christmas present. Lol. My sister and I bought a deodorant from Mark & Spencer for my daddy as a Christmas present too. My daddy loves it very much. Glad that he likes it. =)

Autograph deodorant.
From Mark & Spencer.

Domino pizza for lunch and dinner. Loveee pizza! =)  Btw, I found out this song very nice. It touches my heart whenever I listen to the song. 

If I die young.
by The Band Perry.

I need a words of a love song from you.


  1. No more Christmas liao...but hey, nice dress :D

  2. I was wondering how this post related to another blogger's post. Are you related with her?

    Btw, you look pretty with that dress. Merry Christmas yo!

  3. Too bad I'm not in KL now to shop ): Can't wait to go backk!

  4. @lilian @laila thanks! =) i love the dress too!

  5. @tol haha, she is my sister silly bom xD

  6. @hilda haha! come back faster! xD