Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to hometown!

Hey world! Its time for some little 'chit-chatting' eh? Its me, who chatting with my blog! LOL! xD  So, this morning, i woke up at about 8 in the morning. After taking shower and breakfast, my family and I started our journey to my dad's hometown, Sungai Besar, somewhere in Kuala Selangor.

The journey took about 2 hours+. So tiring. Our first stop was at Pasir Penambang, if i'm not mistaken of the place's name. xD  We bought some Keropok Udang, and some fishcakes there. After that, we stopped by near the stalls to buy Coconut drink. AND THEIR COCONUT DRINK WAS REALLY REALLY FRESH, SWEET AND SMELLS GOOD! =D  Its definitely different from Kuala Lumpur, definitely! =)

The second stop was at Kuih Bahulu's Factory, where they sold all freshly-made Kuih Bahulu and various types of keropok too. Although its a bit expensive, but worth it! =)  We bought a lot of keropok such as those 'tyre shape' keropok *my favourite!*, those salty and spicy potato keropok, swiss roll, nuts type keropok and more. Gonna be fat this holiday! xD

And the third stop was at my relative's house. Visited my aunt who is blind now. Sad to see her, sitting alone without doing anything. All she can do is listen to the voice. =(  She is very skinny now. Sigh. Pray hard that she will get well soon. finger-crossed.

The fourth stop was at the Kwong Wah seafood restaurant. My dad's best friend brought us there for lunch. We ordered dunno what catfish, cutterfish, crabs and errr, dunno the name alrdy! *so sorry!* But overall, the food was really really very nice. Especially the catfish! Yum Yum! *thumbs up up!*

The fifth stop was at my dad's friend's fishing village. We went there to get some fresh fish and prawns. And finally our final stop was at my dad's friend's house. Overall, the trip was okay, although its tiring, yet its fun. =)  Enjoyed myself there and of course what i enjoyed the most it the SEAFOOD! =D

Here are some pictures I took today.

Is the crab alive?
Guess it?
The answer : Dead, its had become a stone! =)

My daddy and I.
My pose still cannot looks 'fatter' than my daddy. xD

Me  =)
At fishing village. 

My sister.
Take 1.

I guess something wrong with her ehh? xD

In the car.

2 more days,
and its FREEDOM,
for ME!