Friday, September 30, 2011

I smurf you!

 3rd post of the day! =P
Feels so good when my Friday is a off day! Heee!

Original photo! *taken by sis!* =)
Heart this pose! 

1st effect! 
This one would be my fb profile pic! Seriously, LIKE this! :)

Second effect!
With my fav colour - purple!


Went to KLCC with Trishna last Sunday for Rev-Up audition.
So we met up in KL Sentral and went to KLCC by train.

Because we haven't finish up the powerpoint and stuffs for our audition,
so we have to find a place with wifi to finish up our stuffs.
Had trouble finding a place with wifi and plug-in there. LOL!

So finally, we found this elegant cafe, Vienna Cafe.

LOL! *mirror reflection of us* random sial! =P  

LIKE the decoration there. So antique feeling. =)

Vienna Cafe!

Our French breakfast!
Really really delicious but expensive. =X

After that, we rushed to The Apartment @ KLCC for our audition.
Spent quite some time searching for that place.
Seldom go there.  =X

The other team presenting their ideas.

The judges listening to their presentation.

The Apartment!

The audition was okay.
WE managed to present our ideas. The judges were entertained by our video.
So, hopefully we can enter the next round.
But its seems hard because there's a lot of talented competitors.  =(

The fountain! AMAZED!! =)

A bit dark here! xD


Beeping UFO!
It will VIBRATE when your order is done! :)

Look at the toppings!! *pearls, lotus seeds, green bean, grass jelly*
*Make me hungry after looking at this pic!*  =P

Pearls - ALL TIME FAV!

Green bean!

Grass Jelly!

Lotus Seeds!

The ice, below the toppings!
I like the ice, because ITS NOT TASTELESS!
The ice is in Grass Jelly flavour.
Very chilling and yummy! :)

Sweet Yee, my dear cousin.

Yums!! :)

Would definitely visit SNOWFLAKE again!  =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I wonder.

=)  (=

My new wardrobe!
10 metres high!! I can't even reach the top.  T.T

Little by little...

Collected my blood test result just now.
Phew! Luckily so far there's some improvement.
So much money spent on my health, and finally, here come the small improvement. Finally! 
Hopefully it won't go bad in sooner or later.

Going to stay overnight at Tai Yun's house tomorrow.
Gonna study hardcore for our trials and finals!
Go go go! We can do it! =)


我好想,好想,好想, 放弃这一切。






Monday, September 26, 2011

A new wonder!

Woots! Recently, the Star was featuring some old news in the newspaper.
And so today, my Bio lecturer showed us some of the old newspaper.
But what so special about it?
Well, of course, he was on the news that time! 

The OLD Star newspaper, in the year of 1980.
Only 30 cents weyyy! 

This news was featuring on his father, where his father pledged for donations for his son, who is currently my lecturer, to undergo a severe operation in Melbourne.

The baby who has 3 heart attacks!
The baby is my lecturer.
He told us that he was attacked by 3 serious heart attack when he was 8 months old that time.
He's just a young, adorable, innocent baby, but he had go through so many stuffs once he reaches the Earth.

They managed to collect around RM20000 plus in one week time.
And my lecturer managed to undergo the operation in Melbourne. Phew!
That operation saves his life man! So lucky! 

Sad thing to say, his doctor told him that he has a life span till 50 plus year old ONLY!
Till now, he still has to use some heart machine to check his heart rate. Sigh.
He's such a nice lecturer, but why he has to go through all these things?

Hopefully he lives a happy and healthy life no matter what happens to him in future.
Bless you, Mr Jeffri!!! =)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Infinite dreams!

My sis and I!  =)

Hey hey hey!
I'm feeling much better now. No more dizziness since I took medicine yesterday. Phew! Hopefully tomorrow I won't feel dizzy, have some important event to go. 

About the event, I would said is a competition. Last month, Revive came to my college and gave us free drinks. Then they asked us to fill in some form for some competition called Master of Rev-Up Challenge. Its in team work. So my college mates and I cracked some brain juices to get some ideas to create an event using Revive *objective of the competition*  

And few weeks ago, some stranger called me, and told me that my team was selected for Top 40 for the competition. I was shocked, because I didn't thought of that idea was selected for Top 40. I told my team mates, which consists of Trishna, Ashton and Justin. They seems like, sooooo unbelievable. LOL! 

So tomorrow, the audition will be hold at KLCC. I'll be going with Trishna to present our idea. So, wish me luck peepo!! =)

Friday, September 23, 2011

4 times fainting in 1 week?!

Sigh seriously, I don't know what to say, totally speechless! I fainted in college, 4 times in 1 freaking week!! I have no idea what's going on right now. Its like, happened all at a sudden. Its not black-out, but its like the feeling of dizziness hit me at once, and I just can't cope with it. I couldn't feel my legs, and I couldn't even walked straight. Sigh. Feel so weak laaa.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all my beloved friends who helped me these few days, especially Tai Yun. Since I spent most of the time hanging out with her during college time, so she's the first one to know I'm not well and take care of me. Thank you Tai Yun! :)  Not to forget Trishna and Joyce who always stay beside me to make sure I won't fall down. And Ashton, Marc, Peggie and Mr Yap. They have to have Math class in Student Service Center, the place where I rest today. And Ling Sze too. =)  She helped me a lot today. Appreciate you guys!! =)

My mom fetched me from college this morning after Ling Sze called my dad/mom. Mommy was so worried, kept asking me to do the brain scanning. But I don't want to do all these scanning. *Kill million of my brain cells eh* =X  So I went to see doctor and doctor told me to do blood test tmr morning. Have to fasting tonight. Eeek! Feeling hungry now. LOL! Slept for don't know how many hours today. And I just can't wake up, although my mom wake me up a few times. Right now, I can't sleep. Sigh.

So, hopefully everything will be fine tmr. I just want, a healthy life. Please??

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yipee, finally i found my source for my long essay! =)
I need three different sources and so far I only got two. So frustrated until today, my new hope arise. Hee hee! :)
I found the ONLY book for my topic in library! I'm so lucky weyy! 
Gotta finish up the essay ASAP, have to prepare for my trials soon. Eeek!
And gosh! I didnt blog walk for ages! So sorry. Will blog walk when I'm free soon.  =)

Owh yeah, Lyn aka my best best best friend is coming to my college tomorrow!
I miss her so much! Hahaha! Miss talking crap with her. LOL! 
Most probably will be having lunch together with Ling Sze and Pearly too.

Hmm, Saturday or Sunday eh??

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy week ahead!

OMG! Gotta re-do my long essay.  =X
Sheeeet! NO LIKEEE! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photos taken in Kuala Selangor.

Sis and I.

RAWR! #1


Looking far...

Hmm, alone eh? 

My outfit! #1

My outfit! #2

Looks like a simple photo shoot eh?
I like the effect! iPad 2 rocks! =)

Dance until we die.

Random title. LOL!
*has a strong urge to dance right now* =P

I have no idea whats' going on right now. I fainted in college again. WTH!
So sorry to trouble my friends. Sigh. I just don't know why all at a sudden, 
I felt like the whole world is spinning, I can't stand and walk properly.
Its like, energy drained off all at one time! Please help me!! =(

Eeek! Long essay is freaking me out! =(
Trying to get more ideas from net. Just finished outline the points, in this middle of cold night.

Hopefully I can wake up tomorrow. Another long day to go again.
NO LIKE this week. So many things to do. Sigh.

Go on, fast.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess what it means! =)

Jauh Raja Pantai

Read this in English :)
And repeat this for a few times.

F**king bitch is the answer. LOL!
I repeated for a few times then I only realized that its actually refer to the F word. So rude. =(
My friend managed to prank me with that. 
No wonder they kept laughing at me when I repeated reading it for quite some times.

Exchanged my lappie with my bro's one.
His lappie has a bigger screen. But heavier. Gotta 'drag' his lappie to college everyday. =X

Hee! Btw, my new wardrobe is coming! *10 metres high!* Tomorrow they will come to my house and fix it. The process should be very long. They said they need around 8-9 hours.
Which means when I came home from college, I should be able to see my new wardrobe. :)
Spend the whole day clearing up my clothes and stuffs in my old wardrobe today. Extremely, TIRED!  =(
Can't wait to have a look of my new wardrobe tmr! xD

Saturday, September 17, 2011

No title.

Awesome time with sister! :)
LIKE the 1st shot! Lovely!

Busy week ahead! I shall call it assignment WEEKS!
Starting from next week have to bring my beloved lappie to college.
Have to complete my assignment ASAP! Exam coming soon, and no more time to waste. =(

Got back part of my results for my previous exam.
The results was out of my expectation, it actually came out, BETTER than what I expect for.
Good news i guess? :)

All at a sudden, I feel like reading storybooks and novels again.
I want Cecilia Ahern's books! =)
Btw, my new wardrobe is coming soon! Yay! :)
Alrdy confirm with the furniture guy. Now have to wait for them to come and fix it.
Heee! Have a bigger wardrobe! Which means I can shop more! =P

Hopefully the 'plan' with family is ON tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I smurfs you!

Back to hectic college life again. LOL! Tonnes of homework and assignments waiting for me. Creeps!

Chemistry class was cancelled today, so I had 4 hours break in between. At first we planned to catch a movie, but the movie we wanted to watch was not released yet. So it ended up with a pool session again. :)  We went to a snooker centre nearby our college, within 5 mins walking distance i guess. Played a few games there too. My friends were kinda 'reluctant' to put me in their group. LOL! =(  *they don't want to become as BLURR as me!* =P  Anyway, I managed to hit some of the balls! *improved darn alot weyy* At least my ball didn't went out from the pool table. =P  But I accidentally hit Ashton's hand. Sorry! =P  

Sigh, more classes cancelled this semester. Lecturers all sick eh? =(  I don't want to have so many replacement classes in a row. NO LIKEEE! I wish there's some online learning, where we can skype with each other for classes even lecturers are absent. LOL! Please, wish comes true yeah?? 

Received my last English assignment for my foundation course. Woo hoo!! But its an 1500 words of long essay to be submitted to Aussie! Oh my smurfs!!! I have less than one month to finish it. And there's another major exam in less than 3 weeks time. Getting tensed up, really really fast. =X

How am I going to go through all these things eh??? Come on! Please tell me, can I do this???

Owh btw, I watched the Smurfs recently. And I really love that movie! So cuteee larhh! Wish I have a smurf in my home too. And I'm gonna name it as BLURR Smurf! *so he/she is as blurr as me too!* =)  Now I kept on singing Smurf songs during lectures, especially when I'm doing Math. La la la la la la, sing a happy song! La la la la la la, lets do math together! *my lecturer teach punya*  =P  hahaha! Trying to apply 'smurf's language' in my life too! Freaking smurfing hungry! Owh my gosh smurf! I love smurf you! Awwww! =)

I gonna rate 4/5 for this movie! :)
*I prefer Clumsy, Smurfette and Brainy!*  so adorable! =P

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid Autumn Festival lovelies!

Its Mid Autumn Festival again world! :)
Awww, its like been ages, since I last touch my lantern, playing with candles and stuffs.
Back to my childhood memories, I still remember how I messing with fire,
and in my mind, all I want is to 'cook' something out from there.
I still remember, I plucked the leaves and flowers as my food ingredients,
then candle wax as oil, flower pot as frying pan. LOL!
But now, I guess I'm growing up eh? No more messing with that. Yet, I do miss it, so much. Hmm.

Well, before that, there's some Mooncake Festival in a field near my house, organised by some temple thingy.
It was not a successful event, kinda 'messy'. Not really fun though. =(  Went there with Carmen, Emily, Ling Sze and Pearly. After that, it was kinda bored there, so I drove Carmen and Emily to Oldtown for yum cha session. Chocolate craving! LOL! =P

Outfit of that night.

A lorry with people wearing traditional costumes.
*They went around the neighbourhood* =)

猜灯谜 ! *riddles*

"my heart" in chinese. Guess one word? =)

Prizes of that night!! :)

Me holding a lantern! *lantern are provided free for us* =)
Aww, really miss that moments, carrying lanterns all around the place. 

Carmen! :)

Pretty girls! :)

Then today, my family and I went to my relative's house for dinner to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.
Have fun spending time with those kiddies there. So adorable la them! =)

Unique lantern!

So colourful right? :)

Qian Hui, my little cousin.
She's growing up really fast. Love her! :)
She was helping us to light up all the lanterns. 

Have no idea why the kiddies love Angry Birds lanterns. LOL!
*have 5 of them in the house just now*  =.=

Lanterns again!

Lighting up the lanterns.

Of course, not to forget mooncakes!!!
See that mooncake, its with AIA label on it!! =P

Green tea mooncakes! :)

Alright, shall end my post here. Sleepy now. =)
And, Happy Mid Autumn Festival again!