Friday, September 9, 2011

Bonding time with cousin, love.

Since I have nothing much to do now, so I will just update a post about my bonding session with my cousin, Sweet Yee.  =)  *better to update now, gonna be really busy soon*  =X

So yesterday, once I finished my exam, Sweet Yee came to my college and picked me up since she got no class that day. We wanna go shopping so badly, even if its just window shopping. LOL! *even just trying out new clothes was satisfying too!*  =P

We decided to go Mutiara Damansara instead of 1 Utama. Getting bored to visit OU now, maybe went there too often alrdy. =X  We had a hard time finding parking. Have no idea why Thursday, working day, have no parking too. Luckily managed to park the car at last. Phew. :)

We went to The Curve first. Then we went to e-Curve and finally we went to IPC. 
Leg was kinda tired though, yet we were reluctant to stop shopping. Hee! =)
It was a productive day for me and Sweet Yee.
Both of us bought a dress and I bought another vintage ring. Now I have a collection of rings alrdy. =P

Well, I shall let the photos to do the talking. =)

Dress from Kitschen.
I love the floral pattern. So famine looking.  :)

Maxi dress from Love It.
*wedding type feeling* =P
Always wanted to buy clothes from there. Pretty + reasonable price.  =)

Sweet yee aka my dear cousin. 

See the white long dress? I really love it.
Looks like getting married soon. LOL! =P

Pink body con dress and white lace dress from Love It too. 

Grey dress with roses as toppings! =P

Lovin' the grey roses!  =)

The dress we bought!  :)

Sweet Yee bought a pink floral dress. 
Looking sweet there :)

I bought a black polka dots dress.

Closer look!

Me and Sweet Yee!

And hereby, I will end my post with a photo of me, wearing the vintage ring that I bought that day.  =)

Love it!  =D

Will post about Snowflakes soon. Stay tuned! =D
Btw, most probably going to Lantern Festival tmr with my friends. Too bad Steph couldn't join us due to his bro's b'day party. See yea! 


  1. love the polka dots dress you bought (: the pink bodycon dress looks good on you too!

  2. Thx camy and Hilda! I wanted to buy that pink one top >.<

  3. nice bonding session! i dnt like window shopping!! >.< its either no shopping or shopping to me! well nice and lovely dresses u gals got there! :D

  4. @caroline haha! thanks thanks! window shopping is quite fun too sometimes =P