Thursday, September 8, 2011


Whoopeedoo Choopeedoooo! 
I'm free from exam, FOR NOW. =P
Another major exam in October. =X 
管不了这么多啦!Its time for an update! =)

Recently, I tried out some really nice food desserts weyy! Oops! *going to gain fats soon!* 
But don't know why, desserts make me feel happy all the time. Satisfying eh? :)

So, I had the BEST ice-kacang ever in my life so far. LOL!
Location : Not some famous desserts shops but just a roadside stall. :)
Price : RM3 - RM6 *depends on size and flavour* 
It tastes, really really delicious. Its, different compared to other ice kacang that I tried before.

Ice kacang.
The outlook kinda special right? :)

Mango Ice Kacang.
Isn't the outlook of it alrdy triggering my taste buds? 
*I like the toppings - colourful bubbles*  =)

Sea coconut + Coral Ice Kacang.
One word to describe : YUMMY! :)

Closer look of the coral. *can be eaten yeah, no worries*  =P

Closer look to the colourful bubbles. So attractive right? =P

Closer look to Sea Coconut.

Then yesterday, my college mates and I went to 32 F.
32 F is some dessert shop located in DPC.
It was a nice try though. Kinda yum yum for me. 
Price was reasonable too.  :)

Yam Ice!
Toppings : Corn Flakes and Choco Chips.
Its my first time to order desserts with corn flakes as toppings.
And it really tastes good!!! So crunchy + cooling! =P

How smooth is the ice right? For me, it tastes like some creamy ice though. 
Not crunchy, but creamy. =P

Chocolate Ice!
Toppings : Chocolate Chips

Yogurt Ice!
Toppings : Almond Flakes.
This flavour, hmm, I would said is special. Tastes like lime, sour sour + sweetness. 
Yumsss! =)

With my sistas aka college mates! =P
They are just, AWESOME! 

Will blog about my outing with my cousin, Sweetyee next time.
Stay tuned, with love!   :)


  1. Where is the ice kacang stall? I wanna try too!

  2. I wanna try the Yam Ice! But its quite far from my place... =(

  3. The pics making to wanna have a try. thanks for the post.. i am sure to have a try..have a nice day.

  4. OMG, u're making me hungry! Love all the desserts :)

  5. haha! u'all should try the desserts out one day! =D