Saturday, September 24, 2011

Infinite dreams!

My sis and I!  =)

Hey hey hey!
I'm feeling much better now. No more dizziness since I took medicine yesterday. Phew! Hopefully tomorrow I won't feel dizzy, have some important event to go. 

About the event, I would said is a competition. Last month, Revive came to my college and gave us free drinks. Then they asked us to fill in some form for some competition called Master of Rev-Up Challenge. Its in team work. So my college mates and I cracked some brain juices to get some ideas to create an event using Revive *objective of the competition*  

And few weeks ago, some stranger called me, and told me that my team was selected for Top 40 for the competition. I was shocked, because I didn't thought of that idea was selected for Top 40. I told my team mates, which consists of Trishna, Ashton and Justin. They seems like, sooooo unbelievable. LOL! 

So tomorrow, the audition will be hold at KLCC. I'll be going with Trishna to present our idea. So, wish me luck peepo!! =)


  1. Wow, congrats that you've been selected. I joined the thingy too when it was in my Uni HAHA (: ohh and good to hear that you're feeling better now. Rest more yeah (;

  2. Goodluck for the revive thing! XD N take care!

  3. @hilda thanks babe!!! :)

    @steph kays!! I will babe! =)