Sunday, September 4, 2011


Finally, an update after soooo long! =X

Will be having exams starting from, tomorrow! Gahhh! 
I feel nervous? I don't think I use my one week break wisely. 
I don't have much confident, especially in Math and Chemistry
Hopefully I can do these well, and bless me! =)

Owh yeah, thinking to do some renovations for my room.
Planning to put a bigger wardrobe. LOL! Went to Ikea previously to do some research and got some ideas.
So, hopefully can get a prettier and bigger wardrobe! =D

Wish me luck for my exams!
Loveee! :)


  1. haha why do u named urself miss alien?? o.O

    Btw, all the best of luck in ur exam :)

  2. All the best to u gal! My son's sitting for his 'O' level soon. I'm just as nervous. Hahaha!

  3. thanks thanks! =DD

    @connie haha, i dunno, miss alien is unique? LOL! =D

    @blackswan good luck to ur son too! =)