Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yipee, finally i found my source for my long essay! =)
I need three different sources and so far I only got two. So frustrated until today, my new hope arise. Hee hee! :)
I found the ONLY book for my topic in library! I'm so lucky weyy! 
Gotta finish up the essay ASAP, have to prepare for my trials soon. Eeek!
And gosh! I didnt blog walk for ages! So sorry. Will blog walk when I'm free soon.  =)

Owh yeah, Lyn aka my best best best friend is coming to my college tomorrow!
I miss her so much! Hahaha! Miss talking crap with her. LOL! 
Most probably will be having lunch together with Ling Sze and Pearly too.

Hmm, Saturday or Sunday eh??

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