Friday, September 9, 2011

Am waiting...

Hello world! I was too bored now *rotting in computer lab while waiting for Pearly and LingSze*, so I decided to blog again. LOL! =)
Supposed to be no class today, since I just finished exam, but my lecturers are too hardworking eh? Asked us to come for extra Math class and Biology class. Had lunch with Peggy at Cafe 21 in college. This cafe, is like for KDU Culinary Arts students to practice their cooking skills and stuffs. So we went and try out their food, with starter course, main course and desserts too. Food was okay, i like the apple pie with ice cream + caramel! Finger licious! =)
Finally gave the 3 choices of my course to Mr Jaya today. Spent so much time thinking and researching for it. Hopefully can get their conditional offer. =)

Shall update sooner or later. Ciaoz! :)

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