Monday, September 26, 2011

A new wonder!

Woots! Recently, the Star was featuring some old news in the newspaper.
And so today, my Bio lecturer showed us some of the old newspaper.
But what so special about it?
Well, of course, he was on the news that time! 

The OLD Star newspaper, in the year of 1980.
Only 30 cents weyyy! 

This news was featuring on his father, where his father pledged for donations for his son, who is currently my lecturer, to undergo a severe operation in Melbourne.

The baby who has 3 heart attacks!
The baby is my lecturer.
He told us that he was attacked by 3 serious heart attack when he was 8 months old that time.
He's just a young, adorable, innocent baby, but he had go through so many stuffs once he reaches the Earth.

They managed to collect around RM20000 plus in one week time.
And my lecturer managed to undergo the operation in Melbourne. Phew!
That operation saves his life man! So lucky! 

Sad thing to say, his doctor told him that he has a life span till 50 plus year old ONLY!
Till now, he still has to use some heart machine to check his heart rate. Sigh.
He's such a nice lecturer, but why he has to go through all these things?

Hopefully he lives a happy and healthy life no matter what happens to him in future.
Bless you, Mr Jeffri!!! =)


  1. that's very blessed of him to have successfully gone through such thing at an innocent age.. despite having no memories about it, this newspaper cutting definitely gives him something to cherish about.. :)

  2. Woah...this is truly very inspiring...i wish him a long and healthy life ahead...when there's a will there's a way...

  3. omg, god bless him! btw, this post is very heartwarming. :) u r such a good student of his. :)