Friday, September 30, 2011


Went to KLCC with Trishna last Sunday for Rev-Up audition.
So we met up in KL Sentral and went to KLCC by train.

Because we haven't finish up the powerpoint and stuffs for our audition,
so we have to find a place with wifi to finish up our stuffs.
Had trouble finding a place with wifi and plug-in there. LOL!

So finally, we found this elegant cafe, Vienna Cafe.

LOL! *mirror reflection of us* random sial! =P  

LIKE the decoration there. So antique feeling. =)

Vienna Cafe!

Our French breakfast!
Really really delicious but expensive. =X

After that, we rushed to The Apartment @ KLCC for our audition.
Spent quite some time searching for that place.
Seldom go there.  =X

The other team presenting their ideas.

The judges listening to their presentation.

The Apartment!

The audition was okay.
WE managed to present our ideas. The judges were entertained by our video.
So, hopefully we can enter the next round.
But its seems hard because there's a lot of talented competitors.  =(

The fountain! AMAZED!! =)

A bit dark here! xD

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