Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I smurfs you!

Back to hectic college life again. LOL! Tonnes of homework and assignments waiting for me. Creeps!

Chemistry class was cancelled today, so I had 4 hours break in between. At first we planned to catch a movie, but the movie we wanted to watch was not released yet. So it ended up with a pool session again. :)  We went to a snooker centre nearby our college, within 5 mins walking distance i guess. Played a few games there too. My friends were kinda 'reluctant' to put me in their group. LOL! =(  *they don't want to become as BLURR as me!* =P  Anyway, I managed to hit some of the balls! *improved darn alot weyy* At least my ball didn't went out from the pool table. =P  But I accidentally hit Ashton's hand. Sorry! =P  

Sigh, more classes cancelled this semester. Lecturers all sick eh? =(  I don't want to have so many replacement classes in a row. NO LIKEEE! I wish there's some online learning, where we can skype with each other for classes even lecturers are absent. LOL! Please, wish comes true yeah?? 

Received my last English assignment for my foundation course. Woo hoo!! But its an 1500 words of long essay to be submitted to Aussie! Oh my smurfs!!! I have less than one month to finish it. And there's another major exam in less than 3 weeks time. Getting tensed up, really really fast. =X

How am I going to go through all these things eh??? Come on! Please tell me, can I do this???

Owh btw, I watched the Smurfs recently. And I really love that movie! So cuteee larhh! Wish I have a smurf in my home too. And I'm gonna name it as BLURR Smurf! *so he/she is as blurr as me too!* =)  Now I kept on singing Smurf songs during lectures, especially when I'm doing Math. La la la la la la, sing a happy song! La la la la la la, lets do math together! *my lecturer teach punya*  =P  hahaha! Trying to apply 'smurf's language' in my life too! Freaking smurfing hungry! Owh my gosh smurf! I love smurf you! Awwww! =)

I gonna rate 4/5 for this movie! :)
*I prefer Clumsy, Smurfette and Brainy!*  so adorable! =P


  1. Aww... I haven't watched The Smurfs yet! :( I also wanna watch Cars 2, dunno when I'll have the time to watch those 2 movies in the cinema, lol.

  2. Thanks for smurf me :P smurf you too XD jkjk

  3. @laura haha! go watch smurfs! Thumbs up! :)

    @kian fai lol! *smurf hug!* =D

  4. Uh oh, you had smurf fever! :P HEHE I havent watch that movie though ~