Friday, September 23, 2011

4 times fainting in 1 week?!

Sigh seriously, I don't know what to say, totally speechless! I fainted in college, 4 times in 1 freaking week!! I have no idea what's going on right now. Its like, happened all at a sudden. Its not black-out, but its like the feeling of dizziness hit me at once, and I just can't cope with it. I couldn't feel my legs, and I couldn't even walked straight. Sigh. Feel so weak laaa.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all my beloved friends who helped me these few days, especially Tai Yun. Since I spent most of the time hanging out with her during college time, so she's the first one to know I'm not well and take care of me. Thank you Tai Yun! :)  Not to forget Trishna and Joyce who always stay beside me to make sure I won't fall down. And Ashton, Marc, Peggie and Mr Yap. They have to have Math class in Student Service Center, the place where I rest today. And Ling Sze too. =)  She helped me a lot today. Appreciate you guys!! =)

My mom fetched me from college this morning after Ling Sze called my dad/mom. Mommy was so worried, kept asking me to do the brain scanning. But I don't want to do all these scanning. *Kill million of my brain cells eh* =X  So I went to see doctor and doctor told me to do blood test tmr morning. Have to fasting tonight. Eeek! Feeling hungry now. LOL! Slept for don't know how many hours today. And I just can't wake up, although my mom wake me up a few times. Right now, I can't sleep. Sigh.

So, hopefully everything will be fine tmr. I just want, a healthy life. Please??


  1. Hi Xue Ren, I’m Back From Finland, Arriving With Mr Angry Bird!

    OMG, it's sad to learn of your health. That's really no joke at all. U better take care of yourself. Get your mom to make some tonic for u, dear. Till then.....