Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 1.

I heart this shot! =D

Hola world! Just had my hair cut. My fringe quite long alrdy, so i decided to go for a hair cut. After my hair cut, i felt, "hmm, so light huh? haha! =)" My sister had her hair cut too! She cut her hair short! Bob hair! *Amazed!*

Went to Kasturi KL this morning for SPM Seminar. Today was the last seminar i had in Kasturi! Woo hoo! Finally! =D  Had Biology and Add Math today. Biology was okay, the teacher quite good looking + his teaching method * thumbs up!* Had lunch in Reggae Bar. Had my favourite spaghetti there! Ala' Bolognese is the name i'm not mistaken? Hmm. Btw, I had my favourite Mc Shaker too! Shake Shake Shake, Your Body Fries! =D


the bar. =)

the artistic wall! 

Owh yeah, btw, i went to British Education Fair yesterday, which was held in KLCC Convention Centre. A lot of people there. So crowded. Saw a lot of Ang Mo Kia too! xP  Had some informations for my interested course there too.



Brunel University! =D

Tomorrow is November 1! HIS birthday :)

It will be officially November tomorrow, which means 11 more days to my sweet 17! *can't wait* I don't want to be 16! =D  My lovely driving licence is waiting for me! xP

Friday, October 29, 2010

Memories with school uniform!

Duhh! Went to school today. Its such a nice lovely morning to sleep, its raining, my favourite season other than Winter. I love hearing the sound of raindrops. Its like, i feel very comfortable? i don't know. I just like it  =)  Most of my friends were absent, so i did my own revision in school. Today got at least 20 absentees! woo hoo! break another NEW RECORD again! =)

School was perfectly fine today. Brought mini muffins to school. Its chocolate muffins! Yum Yum! Emily ate one of it. Owh yea, Thin Thin finally revealed something! actually i knew it from Shan Hoe's facebook! my sixth sense =D and its correct! happy for both of them. :)

Puan Afipah is still in hospital now. Dengue. 5 days in ward alrdy. Fever up to 40+ degree! Why so many dengue cases nowadays huh? First is Miss Tang, then is Sin Yee, now is Puan Afipah. 3 cases alrdy. Kinda worried. Hope she will be fine. Well, got a lot of States paper to do. From Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu, Perlis, SBP and Kluster School. At least 6 papers per subject that i have just received TODAY, only. Its our last attempt, so all we can do is do more and more exercises.

Took back my results today. I got the position number 20 in my class. I got Straight A's, but mostly A-. But its a great improvement for me. Since i had never get A for my Science subjects. So i am happy with my results. Glad that finally, I improved =D

Camwhore today. Decided to take pictures with my school uniform. It will be one of my memories before i leave my high school! Enjoy the pictures! xP

Me, in Magic Crystal Ball!

take one.

take two.
Both in my baju kurung :)

retard right? 
shall back to normal now :)

okok, back to normal now xP

I love my school life!
Enjoying now, and i will always appreciate it!
My teachers, my friends and all. 
L O V E !

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am starting today.


Finally back to blogging again! miss my blog, BLOGGER AND TUMBLR. 3 days didn't blog alrdy, and now suddenly back to blogging again. i fell like, not used to it. lol.

Trials were all done long time ago, and now talk about SPM. Well, SPM huh? I not sure whether am I prepare for it a not. I feel like don't matter how much I study these days, i still can't finish my syllabus. I wondered why. Izzit because I'm nervous? I'm scared? or? Hmm, I dunno. I will just try my VERY VERY VERY BEST in my SPM. I don't care. =) 

Btw, I took back all my trials papers alrdy, which means that I alrdy got back all my results! Well, I am satisfy with my results this time. Finally, all my 3 Science Subjects got an A! FINALLY! And the most improvement among the 3 Science subjects is BIOLOGY! Chemisty and Physic got A-, but still, i am happy with it. At least whatever i study is worth it.

My Graduation day is on 12/11/2010, *the next day of my birthday!* , which means 12/11/2010 is my last day of school! Aww! I feel happy and at the same time i feel sad. Happy, because I am one step closer to 21 years old. Sad, because I will definitely miss my buddies, especially the very gentle species, EELYN, the craziest species, CARMEN, the most stubborn species, LING SZE and not to forget the most KANASAI species, EMILY! Remember my previous post? They are part of my RAINBOW! =)

Alright, I shall back to studies again. Promised myself, i will spend more time on studies these 2 months, and will be online lesser. I will be back to the ACTIVE BLOGGER after my SPM! *can't wait!*  =D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy One Month Old Deary!

Got back from Kasturi at about 5 pm. My whole body ache, because of the stupid hard chair! iish! Chemistry and Physic were AWESOME! The teachers there are really good, all are experienced teachers. The notes they gave very useful. Got TIPS for Physic too. But dunno accurate a not. lol.

Went to my relative's house in Segambut to celebrate my baby cousin, Jin Pei, one month old birthday!

The Birthday Boy.
cute right?
my outfit of the day - casual.


Reached there at about 7pm. Everyone was busy eating and chit-chatting. So many food there, like curry chicken, fried chicken, fruit salad, fried rice, noodles, pudding, jelly and so on. Ate a lot too =) *gonna be fat again!* A lot of baby cousins there too. They are all small kiddos, all around 4 to 7 years old. So, the house was like so crowded with the kiddos' laughter. And of course, they cried a lot too, especially those babies. 

So I would like to introduce some of my baby cousins.

She is Chian Hui.
7 years old.

She is Yu En.
6 years old.
She dare not to show her teeth because *all her teeth dropped off!*

She is En Qi *her nickname*
She is 5 years old.
cutest among the three =)

3 Golden Flowers! 

And i would like to introduce u guys one little MONSTER called Xin De. He is 4 years old, and he is very naughty! He can jumped anywhere, acts like he very strong, just like ARMSTRONG *he keeps showing his muscles* lol. Then, he grabbed the birthday boy's present and keep it for himself. Everyone of us laughing like mad when we saw his expressions, his body movements and all.

Here he is, Xin De!
the naughty ones! =)

Trying to figure out how to play this thingy.

And finally its time to cut the birthday cake! Everyone surrounded the baby and, of course the cake. After that, everyone sang Birthday song for him.

take one.

the '1' is a huge candle!
not 1 Malaysia k? xP

The kiddos surrounded the cake.

in the process.

Here comes the birthday boy! in yellow shirt! 

The cake was delicious. Its blueberry ice cream cake i think. Nice one! Had fun playing with my cousins and my baby cousins too. They are too cute. So adorable! Love them! =)

See how big is my family?
Can fit into one big class =D

Love being the Tan's family!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your love is worth too much to lose.

Go PINK! =)

Hola peeps! Went to Kasturi Seminar this morning. Sweet Yee, my cousin sister and one of my friend joined me too. After breakfast, my brother fetched us there. The journey took about half an hour time. And when we reached the Kasturi centre, we went to our classes. They gave us handy notes too. The class was packed with lots of people, at least more than 100! Most of them came from KL.

Well, the first subject was English, by Mr Muruku Murugan. His way of teaching was hilarious, funny and inspiring! Enjoy his teaching. He taught us a lot of silly grammar mistakes and also vocabulary too. And his essay part was incredible! He got lots of bombastic words to use in essay, the opening paragraph and also the closing one. He even used a lot of Shakespeare's Phrases.

A boy would give his beloved 3 things.
1. Engagement ring.
2. Wedding ring.
3. Suffering! =D

by Mr Murugan.

Had Math after English. Math was taught by Mr Khoo. Errm, his teaching was kinda dull, everything he taught, we had alrdy learnt it in school. Nothing special. Still we still got some TIPS from him. Did the questions in the handy notes too.


Had MCD for lunch today. Had Spicy Mc Deluxe Meal for lunch! Yum Yum! love the french fries with spicy shake thingy! =D Looking forward for the seminar tomorrow!

Friday, October 22, 2010

When I see your face...

Its Friday night again! Got 2 days off. But this 2 weeks i don't have holidays during weekends. My Kasturi SPM Seminar starts tomorrow. Sigh. Gonna be very very busy these days. 

Actually tomorrow is our school Hari Merentas Desa. I decided to run this year. But i realised that my seminar bumped to the Hari Merentas Desa. I can't skip  my seminar, so i have to skip the marathon. Iiish! Feel like running tomorrow. Its my last year in my high school. I wanna have this as my memories. But too bad, the plan is not working.

School was bored, as usual. Really, got nothing to do in class. Teachers not teaching, and guess what? Mosquitoes are the one who actually 'working' in my class. Lol. Got those states paper to do. Mr Tham and Puan Afipah were absent today. So, not getting back any results today. Phew. Might be skipping school again on Monday. Wanna study at home. LingSze brought her camera to school today. Took some photos in school too. High school memories!

Had lunch with my friends after school. Shan Hoe drove Toyota Vios while Zi Han drove CRV. Me, Carmen, LingSze, Emily and Yen Thin were in Shan Hoe's car, while the guys were in Zi Han's car. We were making fun of the 'lovely couples' in the car : Thin Thin and Hoe Hoe! They are called Thin Hoe now! =)  We went to The Bird Restaurant somewhere in Menjalara.

Take one.

Take two.

Grab these photos from Google. 
The restaurant quite nice, delicious food, nice environment.
Got a lot of bird cage in the restaurant too.

We ordered our food. Emily ordered some Tom Yam noodles, and it came out in a really BIG BIG BIG bowl wey! scary! Everyone was so shocked to see the super big bowl. lol. The food was okay actually, not that bad, taste good too! =)  Shan Hoe fetched us back home after that. Thanks to the driver!

My feelings? I don't know.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I can't take my eyes off you.

Aloha! Quick update! Feeling sleepy now, so will be heading to bed anytime! going to take a long long nap today. Owh yea, i got back my two papers today. One is Sejarah Paper, got 80+, quite happy with the marks, at least not a B. And another one is BM. Got an A too. Lucky :)  Was so worried that i can't scored when i know my marks for the KOMSAS one quite low. But fortunately, everything okay. Still managed to get an A. Phew. =)

Tomorrow might be getting back Physic and Chemistry papers. All the 3 Science subjects are my weakest among the all. Really, very very scared, worried. Hope i can score for all the 3 Science subjects. Will be going for lunch with friends after school tomorrow. Joel or Shan Hoe might be driving us there :)

Our plan for SPM holiday is still going on. Still a secret now. xP  So will be wait for everyone to confirm the date and everything. Ling Sze, please go! :)  

Btw, some iPad photos here. =)

the back side of iPad.

the game i am playing with =)

get this picture from Internet.
I kinda in love with iPad. It is portable, but a little heavy for me.
It looks like iPhone, but its bigger in size.
The Internet speed was really fast, compared to my computer and my lappie too.
A nice gadget anyway.  =)

One day, to the moon.
Another day, to the stars.
In future?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When I Look At You.

The Last Song.

The book is written by Nicholas Sparks.
Read some of his books too.
Especially The Notebook!  =)

The perfect ones! =)

Hello peepo! Back to bloggie again. I should prepare for my coming SPM examination on this coming November, and yet I was relaxing, going online, msn chatting, texting with friends, chit-chat with my friends, and not to forget MOVIES! So, I watched this movie : The Last Song today. It was a very nice movie indeed, a touching story. I thought I will cry after watching this, but i didn't. I just feel, touched? And out of expectation, my brother and my sister cried. lol. Love the song, When I Look At You.

Owh, my day was bored. No teaching today. Totally, wasting of time in school. Rather studying at home than rotting in school. Going to take back my Sejarah Paper tomorrow. *nervous* Not sure whether can score this time. And Yay! No need to stay back tomorrow! Chinese class will be during school hour, not after school! Gee! Can have a nap after school then. 

Was planning to have vacation with friends after SPM. Right now, we had alrdy planned almost everything. So all we have to do now is, WAIT FOR SPM TO FINISH! *seriously, can't wait!*

I will get you, FREEDOM! =D

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad bad bad day!

What a day today huh?

Guess that i'm so unlucky today huh? Took back Physic Paper 2 and Malay Paper 2. Both the results NOT SATISFYING! Jayanthi was absent today, so no Sejarah paper today. High 5!!! Had cereal bar during recess time. Tummy not well, so its better to eat some healthy food. Its OATS AND HONEY! =) Yum Yum! 

Reached home and took my lunch. Was very sleepy actually, but i need to go clinic first. My tummy, really needs some SPECIAL TREATMENT. And this time it was really really REALLY a very SPECIAL treatment. Was half asleep in the car during the journey to clinic. Reached there and waited for my turn.

Soon its my turn. I told her all my sickness. She checked my temperature and told me that i got fever. Then she told me to lie down on the bed. She checked my tummy, and just pressed parts of my tummy. I felt a sudden pain when she pressed my abdomen part. Then she told me to get my BLOOD TEST and URINE TEST done. OMG! i hate blood test! superb pain =(  When i saw the needle, i was shivering, so scary! 

I took my results on the spot. Doctor said its not appendix. Most probably its urine infection or something bla bla bla. I dunno. lol. She told me to go hospital if really very very pain. So troublesome. sigh. 

so many medicines to finish :(

the red dot is because of the needle! *hate*

Ooopss! 1111 is coming! excited! =)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I need a short break!

Woke up quite late this morning. Watched movie last night. Tired and sleepy now. I watched the movie entitled The Legend Of The Fist : The Return Of Chen Zhen. Donnie Yen, which is one of my favourite artist is the main actor in this movie. His Kung Fu was really really really awesome, like a China Spiderman. =D

The movie :)

The other actors in this movie.

Owh yea, btw, had registered for Kasturi seminar for SPM. Going there in the end of this month. Its in KL city btw, ain't going to Metro Prima's one because the teachers there not that good compared to the KL ones. My cousin sister is going with me, and also one of my friend from other school.


Registration card.

Going to S11, other groups was fulled  =(

Duhh, my tummy naughty again! This time i think is gastric. HATE GASTRIC! It can pain for so long, till i got no mood to study. It ended up i sleeping the whole day, without studying. sigh. Going to see doctor tomorrow if still not getting any better. Seriously, need short break now.

I miss you. 
I miss miss you.
I miss miss miss you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

D ' Fortune!

Had early assembly as usual. Sang the Wawasan song twice, again. lol. Got back Moral paper, got an A. Quite satisfied with my Moral results *didn't study much for moral, gee* Spent most of my time in counselling room, one of my best friend is "suffering" right now, and its HURT to see her crying there. I wish that she can stay strong always, and can go through her hard time. I believe that she can do it!

"Just follow your heart, don't force yourself to do something you don't like."

Went back to primary school today. My primary teacher 'retired', so all of us, i mean my schoolmates five years ago, from Sinar Bintang school and also Kepong Baru school went back to primary school to give her a big big big surprise! We gave her a hand-made card, with all our wishes, and also a fruit basket. Chung Yao's mom fetched us there. And when we reached there, she went off alrdy. sigh. Too bad i can't meet her. I missed her so much! It has been 5 YEARS that i didn't meet her! She's the one who teach my Chinese so well, hit me with a big long board, correct my pronunciations and also my spellings mistakes. Thanks teacher! will always remember you! 

Went MCD after that. Had my favourite Oreo Mc Flurry! Then, HE fetched me to D'Fortune for lunch. The lunch was AWESOME. He had Chicken Maryland and I had melted cheese with sausage.

The Fortune Cookies! =D

10 more days to 13 monthsary!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today was like a BOMB for me! 

School day, as usual went to school. Did nothing in class since teachers were not teaching. All of them were busy marking our trials paper. Got back Math paper first. Math was okay, got 90+. But before school ends, i got back my Add Math paper. My results dropped so badly! And it really disappointed me, my parents and my tuition teacher. I was, i really dunno how to express my feelings now. Its so complicated now. Definitely, my tuition teacher will screwed me up next week when she get to know my results! Crap!

I was so worried, and I was thinking too much, till my mind were all negative thinking, and i started to cry. And when i cried, i can't stop crying. I cried till my eyes were both swollen, all red. I dunno how to face my friends, with my such a silly face. sigh. Went to washroom to wash my face, and i realized I was nose bleeding! WTH! Everything happened at once! And i dunno how to react, how to respond. Skipped my lunch with my friend and headed home instead. Was too sad to have a lunch with them. I don't think they will enjoy their lunch, when one friend of them was crying there. I don't want to make them feel bad. I will deal with this, on my own.

Its just that right now, i really need u guys support now. I dunno what to do. This is out of my mind.

Tell me what to do?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freedom, yet is temporary.

half asleep, yet camwhoring =)

My SPM trials finally ended today! Had came across so many sleepless nights and of course, Panda eyes, and not to forget all my tuition homework that had been left out for so long. My last paper today was Physic, and as usual the paper was hard, its from Johor one this time. Was sleeping in the class ALMOST WHOLE DAY because i feel sick. Feel like vomiting the whole time. Must be Mr Gastric finding me again. sigh. I tried to stay awake but the moment i stay awake, i feel dizzy, so i decided to sleep back instead. Finally, without any preparations, i took my exam. I even designed my own experiment because i had no idea what to write about my experiment.

Tomorrow will be another day. And guess that i will get back my results soon. This is definitely scary! =(  finger crossed is what i can do right now.

Most probably will hang out with my gang for lunch after school. Duhh, it has been so long, that we didn't have this kind of hang out since last few months? i guess so. hmm.

Owh yea, got my new handphone pouch.

its GREY in colour,
 and i kinda fall in love with the pouch now. =D

I miss you, and i do hope u know too.
It doesn't sound convincing, and yes, 
i really do.