Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad bad bad day!

What a day today huh?

Guess that i'm so unlucky today huh? Took back Physic Paper 2 and Malay Paper 2. Both the results NOT SATISFYING! Jayanthi was absent today, so no Sejarah paper today. High 5!!! Had cereal bar during recess time. Tummy not well, so its better to eat some healthy food. Its OATS AND HONEY! =) Yum Yum! 

Reached home and took my lunch. Was very sleepy actually, but i need to go clinic first. My tummy, really needs some SPECIAL TREATMENT. And this time it was really really REALLY a very SPECIAL treatment. Was half asleep in the car during the journey to clinic. Reached there and waited for my turn.

Soon its my turn. I told her all my sickness. She checked my temperature and told me that i got fever. Then she told me to lie down on the bed. She checked my tummy, and just pressed parts of my tummy. I felt a sudden pain when she pressed my abdomen part. Then she told me to get my BLOOD TEST and URINE TEST done. OMG! i hate blood test! superb pain =(  When i saw the needle, i was shivering, so scary! 

I took my results on the spot. Doctor said its not appendix. Most probably its urine infection or something bla bla bla. I dunno. lol. She told me to go hospital if really very very pain. So troublesome. sigh. 

so many medicines to finish :(

the red dot is because of the needle! *hate*

Ooopss! 1111 is coming! excited! =)