Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Owh well, PMR starts today! and of course i am not the candidate, but my sister is. She was so nervous the other night, that she kept studying studying and studying. Her PMR starts today, and will end on next tuesday, the same day of my last day of trials. =D  gonna rest rest rest after the trials. lack of sleep these days. sigh.

AND, finally, CHINESE is not the last subject for this year SPM! =D  Almost all the previous year, CHINESE always the last paper, but now no more! YAY! =)  Now, the last subject is Economy, which is on 20th December. Will definitely go for driving first, then maybe starts thinking of my future, and also most important, vacation! seriously, i need a break! can't wait for that day.

Trials, was tough. Biology paper 2 did a lot silly mistakes, but paper 1 still not bad, managed to do it but still not sure with the answers. Today will be an off day for me, but tomorrow is Chemistry and Biology Paper 3. Chemistry Paper 1, Paper 2 and Sejarah Paper 1, Paper 2 by this week. sigh. =(

Wish me luck peepo!

i miss you. 

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