Friday, October 8, 2010

2 more days to FREEDOM!


Its Friday, and its time for me to blog! Aww, i miss my blog, facebook, twitter, tumblr and of course Nuff Nang and Innit too! Well, I had my History paper today, and i'm happy that what i read came out for this exam, thanks for the tips from my friends, but at the same time i'm feeling bad too, dunno why. hmm. Had Chemistry the other day, and i am glad that i managed to answer it, but still i'm not sure with my answers. 

Owh yea, some BIG BIG BIG thing happened in my class. My classmates got caught of cheating during trials. It was Biology paper that day. No wonder our class had spotcheck that day. scary weyy! Their handphones were found by the prefects in Bilik Pengawas, and Miss Thean, our disiplin teacher found out that the messages were all the Biology answers. My class was 'black-listed' now! lol. Every single teachers came in our class, checked our pencil case, our pockets and stuffs. Every single paper also have to spotcheck now. sigh. And from now onwards will be TWO teachers in my class during exams, just to make sure nobody will be cheating again. Mr Yap kinda scolded my classmates that they were being not honest. And Puan Vasantha too kept telling us that, " HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY ".

My exam will be starting again next week and it will be end on next Tuesday! woo hoo! =D  so happy. another two days to freedom! Btw, I AM OFFICIALLY A CHURPER NOW! finally get 2 assignments for my Churp Churp!

Owh yea, i saw a rainbow the other day!


my another new 'snack'!
FOX sweets! nice :)

owh yea, i got my SPM timetable! *nervous*
how many days left? 
i forgot  xP



eee! SPM! scary! =(



  1. u mean they go to the prefect room to look at the answers ?

  2. @ronnie no la, they kept their phone in the prefect room :(