Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just the way you are.


Great, my SPM trials is going on now, going to finish the trials in another two weeks time. Next week all heavy subjects. Biology, Chemistry and Sejarah, all my weak subjects. Sigh. I don't think i can can cope with these subjects. I am getting fed up, feel like giving up anytime. STRESSED UP! I need something to DE STRESS please!

So far, I finished Chinese, Malay, English, Math, Add Math and Moral paper. Overall, the papers were okay, some were very tough like Chinese and Add Math. Add Math was like, superb hard. Had been cracking my brain to find out the solutions for those questions. I guess, i had a lot of white hair now huh? lol. Math was okay, managed to do it, hopefully no silly mistakes. Moral was fine too, hopefully my essays can get full marks :) 

I think, right now, i am getting fatter. Every single day I was eating junk food, because i need to stay awake to study. So I had re-stock all my junk food, like gummy bears, twisties, pringles, oreo, wafer sticks, chipsmore and so on. Plus, I had Coffee Bean for my supper on Thursday night. Had my favourite cheese cake and also Black Forest Yogurt. It tastes so nice, that me and Ling Sze were eating non-stop :)


Chocolate Wafer Sticks!

Gummy Bears!
Alrdy ate it half i guess xP

This few days I had been studying for long, had been burning midnight oil to study. My Panda Eyes very big now. sigh. Had been doing a lot of notes for this trials.

Add Math Trigo Notes.

Moral Notes.

4 page long notes.

Add Math Gila!

my finger! sigh.
pain :(

Going to study my next few subjects during this weekend, guess that no more time to waste. Have to cut down my internet time. No more updating blog everyday. sad :(

Wish me luck, for my trials. Especially on my 3 Science subjects.  =)


  1. Good luck and all the best in your exams!^^

  2. I bet you will be fat like a pig eating all those while studying

  3. wah twisties!!!!! hungry d...

  4. @erika thank you very much =D

    @ronnie now alrdy fatty bom bom lor :(

    @ yee haha, so fast hungry d? go get supper la =D

  5. ganbatteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Alien XD