Sunday, October 17, 2010

I need a short break!

Woke up quite late this morning. Watched movie last night. Tired and sleepy now. I watched the movie entitled The Legend Of The Fist : The Return Of Chen Zhen. Donnie Yen, which is one of my favourite artist is the main actor in this movie. His Kung Fu was really really really awesome, like a China Spiderman. =D

The movie :)

The other actors in this movie.

Owh yea, btw, had registered for Kasturi seminar for SPM. Going there in the end of this month. Its in KL city btw, ain't going to Metro Prima's one because the teachers there not that good compared to the KL ones. My cousin sister is going with me, and also one of my friend from other school.


Registration card.

Going to S11, other groups was fulled  =(

Duhh, my tummy naughty again! This time i think is gastric. HATE GASTRIC! It can pain for so long, till i got no mood to study. It ended up i sleeping the whole day, without studying. sigh. Going to see doctor tomorrow if still not getting any better. Seriously, need short break now.

I miss you. 
I miss miss you.
I miss miss miss you.