Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freedom, yet is temporary.

half asleep, yet camwhoring =)

My SPM trials finally ended today! Had came across so many sleepless nights and of course, Panda eyes, and not to forget all my tuition homework that had been left out for so long. My last paper today was Physic, and as usual the paper was hard, its from Johor one this time. Was sleeping in the class ALMOST WHOLE DAY because i feel sick. Feel like vomiting the whole time. Must be Mr Gastric finding me again. sigh. I tried to stay awake but the moment i stay awake, i feel dizzy, so i decided to sleep back instead. Finally, without any preparations, i took my exam. I even designed my own experiment because i had no idea what to write about my experiment.

Tomorrow will be another day. And guess that i will get back my results soon. This is definitely scary! =(  finger crossed is what i can do right now.

Most probably will hang out with my gang for lunch after school. Duhh, it has been so long, that we didn't have this kind of hang out since last few months? i guess so. hmm.

Owh yea, got my new handphone pouch.

its GREY in colour,
 and i kinda fall in love with the pouch now. =D

I miss you, and i do hope u know too.
It doesn't sound convincing, and yes, 
i really do.