Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 1.

I heart this shot! =D

Hola world! Just had my hair cut. My fringe quite long alrdy, so i decided to go for a hair cut. After my hair cut, i felt, "hmm, so light huh? haha! =)" My sister had her hair cut too! She cut her hair short! Bob hair! *Amazed!*

Went to Kasturi KL this morning for SPM Seminar. Today was the last seminar i had in Kasturi! Woo hoo! Finally! =D  Had Biology and Add Math today. Biology was okay, the teacher quite good looking + his teaching method * thumbs up!* Had lunch in Reggae Bar. Had my favourite spaghetti there! Ala' Bolognese is the name i'm not mistaken? Hmm. Btw, I had my favourite Mc Shaker too! Shake Shake Shake, Your Body Fries! =D


the bar. =)

the artistic wall! 

Owh yeah, btw, i went to British Education Fair yesterday, which was held in KLCC Convention Centre. A lot of people there. So crowded. Saw a lot of Ang Mo Kia too! xP  Had some informations for my interested course there too.



Brunel University! =D

Tomorrow is November 1! HIS birthday :)

It will be officially November tomorrow, which means 11 more days to my sweet 17! *can't wait* I don't want to be 16! =D  My lovely driving licence is waiting for me! xP


  1. Happy birthday in advance to yr bf :D

  2. you photo is quite blur. It's either out of focus or you shaked. But I like your hair ^ ^

  3. @annie yea, my hand shaky :) thanks anyway! =)