Monday, October 11, 2010

The whole world is spinning?

Dizzy - Flu - Cough - Fever - Feel like vomiting.

Physic paper was superb tough today, totally had no idea what to do with that paper. I did a lot of silly mistakes, and i shouldn't did those stupid mistakes, really very moody the whole day. Plus, i wasn't feeling well during the test. I was feeling dizzy the whole time, and that time, i wanna go home so badly. It was so suffering, tried my best to study, do last minute revision, but everything i read cannot go into my mind, i just feel like sleeping. This is so CRAP! I was doing my paper 1, half asleep, half of myself was fighting with my soul to stay awake. Wanted to eat Panadol, but seems like no one had it. At last, i simply did my paper and slept. I would be very very very happy if my Physic paper doesn't failed. Pray hard.

Our class was switched to 5I class today. Had to go up so many stairs today. Tired.

Seriously, bad mood now. Feel like sleeping now, but i haven't study for tomorrow subject. Although tomorrow is the last subject, but i feel nothing. I thought i will feel super excited today, but everything seems go wrong and wrong now. 

What to do?


  1. good luck dear!
    you can have a short nap now and wake up around 2-3am later on to do revision *i did that last time :p *

  2. @merrin aww! thanks for your advice deary. i am doing this too :)