Friday, October 22, 2010

When I see your face...

Its Friday night again! Got 2 days off. But this 2 weeks i don't have holidays during weekends. My Kasturi SPM Seminar starts tomorrow. Sigh. Gonna be very very busy these days. 

Actually tomorrow is our school Hari Merentas Desa. I decided to run this year. But i realised that my seminar bumped to the Hari Merentas Desa. I can't skip  my seminar, so i have to skip the marathon. Iiish! Feel like running tomorrow. Its my last year in my high school. I wanna have this as my memories. But too bad, the plan is not working.

School was bored, as usual. Really, got nothing to do in class. Teachers not teaching, and guess what? Mosquitoes are the one who actually 'working' in my class. Lol. Got those states paper to do. Mr Tham and Puan Afipah were absent today. So, not getting back any results today. Phew. Might be skipping school again on Monday. Wanna study at home. LingSze brought her camera to school today. Took some photos in school too. High school memories!

Had lunch with my friends after school. Shan Hoe drove Toyota Vios while Zi Han drove CRV. Me, Carmen, LingSze, Emily and Yen Thin were in Shan Hoe's car, while the guys were in Zi Han's car. We were making fun of the 'lovely couples' in the car : Thin Thin and Hoe Hoe! They are called Thin Hoe now! =)  We went to The Bird Restaurant somewhere in Menjalara.

Take one.

Take two.

Grab these photos from Google. 
The restaurant quite nice, delicious food, nice environment.
Got a lot of bird cage in the restaurant too.

We ordered our food. Emily ordered some Tom Yam noodles, and it came out in a really BIG BIG BIG bowl wey! scary! Everyone was so shocked to see the super big bowl. lol. The food was okay actually, not that bad, taste good too! =)  Shan Hoe fetched us back home after that. Thanks to the driver!

My feelings? I don't know.


  1. Yippi! Welcome Saturday..Welcome Sunday!..I hope it will rain so that I can sleep...all day long...

  2. I love Tom Yan Noodles! How big is big exactly??

  3. @shazat ha! tdy really rain heavily here! :)

  4. @Jan erm, very very very big! i dunno how to describe ehh! xP