Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy One Month Old Deary!

Got back from Kasturi at about 5 pm. My whole body ache, because of the stupid hard chair! iish! Chemistry and Physic were AWESOME! The teachers there are really good, all are experienced teachers. The notes they gave very useful. Got TIPS for Physic too. But dunno accurate a not. lol.

Went to my relative's house in Segambut to celebrate my baby cousin, Jin Pei, one month old birthday!

The Birthday Boy.
cute right?
my outfit of the day - casual.


Reached there at about 7pm. Everyone was busy eating and chit-chatting. So many food there, like curry chicken, fried chicken, fruit salad, fried rice, noodles, pudding, jelly and so on. Ate a lot too =) *gonna be fat again!* A lot of baby cousins there too. They are all small kiddos, all around 4 to 7 years old. So, the house was like so crowded with the kiddos' laughter. And of course, they cried a lot too, especially those babies. 

So I would like to introduce some of my baby cousins.

She is Chian Hui.
7 years old.

She is Yu En.
6 years old.
She dare not to show her teeth because *all her teeth dropped off!*

She is En Qi *her nickname*
She is 5 years old.
cutest among the three =)

3 Golden Flowers! 

And i would like to introduce u guys one little MONSTER called Xin De. He is 4 years old, and he is very naughty! He can jumped anywhere, acts like he very strong, just like ARMSTRONG *he keeps showing his muscles* lol. Then, he grabbed the birthday boy's present and keep it for himself. Everyone of us laughing like mad when we saw his expressions, his body movements and all.

Here he is, Xin De!
the naughty ones! =)

Trying to figure out how to play this thingy.

And finally its time to cut the birthday cake! Everyone surrounded the baby and, of course the cake. After that, everyone sang Birthday song for him.

take one.

the '1' is a huge candle!
not 1 Malaysia k? xP

The kiddos surrounded the cake.

in the process.

Here comes the birthday boy! in yellow shirt! 

The cake was delicious. Its blueberry ice cream cake i think. Nice one! Had fun playing with my cousins and my baby cousins too. They are too cute. So adorable! Love them! =)

See how big is my family?
Can fit into one big class =D

Love being the Tan's family!

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