Friday, October 29, 2010

Memories with school uniform!

Duhh! Went to school today. Its such a nice lovely morning to sleep, its raining, my favourite season other than Winter. I love hearing the sound of raindrops. Its like, i feel very comfortable? i don't know. I just like it  =)  Most of my friends were absent, so i did my own revision in school. Today got at least 20 absentees! woo hoo! break another NEW RECORD again! =)

School was perfectly fine today. Brought mini muffins to school. Its chocolate muffins! Yum Yum! Emily ate one of it. Owh yea, Thin Thin finally revealed something! actually i knew it from Shan Hoe's facebook! my sixth sense =D and its correct! happy for both of them. :)

Puan Afipah is still in hospital now. Dengue. 5 days in ward alrdy. Fever up to 40+ degree! Why so many dengue cases nowadays huh? First is Miss Tang, then is Sin Yee, now is Puan Afipah. 3 cases alrdy. Kinda worried. Hope she will be fine. Well, got a lot of States paper to do. From Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu, Perlis, SBP and Kluster School. At least 6 papers per subject that i have just received TODAY, only. Its our last attempt, so all we can do is do more and more exercises.

Took back my results today. I got the position number 20 in my class. I got Straight A's, but mostly A-. But its a great improvement for me. Since i had never get A for my Science subjects. So i am happy with my results. Glad that finally, I improved =D

Camwhore today. Decided to take pictures with my school uniform. It will be one of my memories before i leave my high school! Enjoy the pictures! xP

Me, in Magic Crystal Ball!

take one.

take two.
Both in my baju kurung :)

retard right? 
shall back to normal now :)

okok, back to normal now xP

I love my school life!
Enjoying now, and i will always appreciate it!
My teachers, my friends and all. 
L O V E !


  1. @ben dan yea yea, happy go lucky ;)

  2. Wow seems like you're in a very competitive class. And wear baju kurung to school? cool

  3. lol XD so cute =P anyway I do miss wearing school uniform, I do think that it doesnt fit anymore LOL

  4. @Albert yea, first class :) hmm, can wear baju kurung or pinaform :)

  5. @kian fai thanks! hmm, maybe u should try wearing it again :) a very nice memory u know :)