Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am starting today.


Finally back to blogging again! miss my blog, BLOGGER AND TUMBLR. 3 days didn't blog alrdy, and now suddenly back to blogging again. i fell like, not used to it. lol.

Trials were all done long time ago, and now talk about SPM. Well, SPM huh? I not sure whether am I prepare for it a not. I feel like don't matter how much I study these days, i still can't finish my syllabus. I wondered why. Izzit because I'm nervous? I'm scared? or? Hmm, I dunno. I will just try my VERY VERY VERY BEST in my SPM. I don't care. =) 

Btw, I took back all my trials papers alrdy, which means that I alrdy got back all my results! Well, I am satisfy with my results this time. Finally, all my 3 Science Subjects got an A! FINALLY! And the most improvement among the 3 Science subjects is BIOLOGY! Chemisty and Physic got A-, but still, i am happy with it. At least whatever i study is worth it.

My Graduation day is on 12/11/2010, *the next day of my birthday!* , which means 12/11/2010 is my last day of school! Aww! I feel happy and at the same time i feel sad. Happy, because I am one step closer to 21 years old. Sad, because I will definitely miss my buddies, especially the very gentle species, EELYN, the craziest species, CARMEN, the most stubborn species, LING SZE and not to forget the most KANASAI species, EMILY! Remember my previous post? They are part of my RAINBOW! =)

Alright, I shall back to studies again. Promised myself, i will spend more time on studies these 2 months, and will be online lesser. I will be back to the ACTIVE BLOGGER after my SPM! *can't wait!*  =D


  1. appreciate ur graduation day gal! haha

  2. :S i cant imagine me gng for SPM gosh. but thats gonna be 3 yrs ltr!

  3. @half naked latte thanks dear! i will :)

  4. @emily haha, time flies deary! appreciate ur school life! :)

  5. well.. that's the last mile.. all the best :)

  6. good luck on your spm!
    I feel like can't finish the syllabus too T-T
    gambateh together :p

  7. @ken thanks ken! i will try my very best :)

  8. @feather thanks! :) we will both work harder together yea! don't give up! =DD