Friday, October 15, 2010

D ' Fortune!

Had early assembly as usual. Sang the Wawasan song twice, again. lol. Got back Moral paper, got an A. Quite satisfied with my Moral results *didn't study much for moral, gee* Spent most of my time in counselling room, one of my best friend is "suffering" right now, and its HURT to see her crying there. I wish that she can stay strong always, and can go through her hard time. I believe that she can do it!

"Just follow your heart, don't force yourself to do something you don't like."

Went back to primary school today. My primary teacher 'retired', so all of us, i mean my schoolmates five years ago, from Sinar Bintang school and also Kepong Baru school went back to primary school to give her a big big big surprise! We gave her a hand-made card, with all our wishes, and also a fruit basket. Chung Yao's mom fetched us there. And when we reached there, she went off alrdy. sigh. Too bad i can't meet her. I missed her so much! It has been 5 YEARS that i didn't meet her! She's the one who teach my Chinese so well, hit me with a big long board, correct my pronunciations and also my spellings mistakes. Thanks teacher! will always remember you! 

Went MCD after that. Had my favourite Oreo Mc Flurry! Then, HE fetched me to D'Fortune for lunch. The lunch was AWESOME. He had Chicken Maryland and I had melted cheese with sausage.

The Fortune Cookies! =D

10 more days to 13 monthsary!


  1. Whats your luck in the fortune cookies ?...GOOD ?

  2. @ronnie its promotion thingy!lol exchange with you =D

  3. i wonder how the fortune cookies look like, does it really have notes inside?

  4. I like this words "Just follow your heart, don't force yourself to do something you don't like."

  5. @Hilda yea, of course got notes inside deary!