Saturday, October 2, 2010


Just a random post, quickie. Just one quick update, and I have to continue my studies again.

Well, gonna post some photos on my presents for my very first anniversary. =)

Me, with fairy tale, love.

Drew this during my trials. bored :)

got nothing to do eh? xP

hmm. front view.

back view. love =)

one more video from HIM, but I don't think I will post it here. He will definitely, kill me if i post the video up here. =DD

Btw, my blog visitors increase again  =)
thanks for INNIT, mostly. I make new friends from INNIT, shared my feelings with them, and I am glad that they are willing to share their feelings with me too :)

And, I am earning too. =D

colourful! love it  :)


  1. not monster vs alien meh? where got zombie love alien de?

  2. @john no la, monster vs alien is animated movie, but this one is real people one =DD

  3. awww. so sweet. and congratz =D