Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your love is worth too much to lose.

Go PINK! =)

Hola peeps! Went to Kasturi Seminar this morning. Sweet Yee, my cousin sister and one of my friend joined me too. After breakfast, my brother fetched us there. The journey took about half an hour time. And when we reached the Kasturi centre, we went to our classes. They gave us handy notes too. The class was packed with lots of people, at least more than 100! Most of them came from KL.

Well, the first subject was English, by Mr Muruku Murugan. His way of teaching was hilarious, funny and inspiring! Enjoy his teaching. He taught us a lot of silly grammar mistakes and also vocabulary too. And his essay part was incredible! He got lots of bombastic words to use in essay, the opening paragraph and also the closing one. He even used a lot of Shakespeare's Phrases.

A boy would give his beloved 3 things.
1. Engagement ring.
2. Wedding ring.
3. Suffering! =D

by Mr Murugan.

Had Math after English. Math was taught by Mr Khoo. Errm, his teaching was kinda dull, everything he taught, we had alrdy learnt it in school. Nothing special. Still we still got some TIPS from him. Did the questions in the handy notes too.


Had MCD for lunch today. Had Spicy Mc Deluxe Meal for lunch! Yum Yum! love the french fries with spicy shake thingy! =D Looking forward for the seminar tomorrow!


  1. Is it some sort of exchange programme??
    Cos that's really cool! and shakespears is such a wonderful writer to quote!

  2. @Jan hmm, not really. its just a seminar, like a big study group? yea, he was such a wonderful teacher that his english was really bombastic! =)

  3. nuff click!
    lol my friend went to kasturi there too!

  4. A boy would give his beloved 3 things; Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Suffering! hahaha. That's so cute. Actually, I think I have heard of this quote from somewhere before and it was like a marriage quote. The seminar sounds so fun.

  5. @Kooks yea yea! that seminar teacher told us to use this quote in essay! =)

  6. @wei wei haha! i created the name =)