Thursday, October 21, 2010

I can't take my eyes off you.

Aloha! Quick update! Feeling sleepy now, so will be heading to bed anytime! going to take a long long nap today. Owh yea, i got back my two papers today. One is Sejarah Paper, got 80+, quite happy with the marks, at least not a B. And another one is BM. Got an A too. Lucky :)  Was so worried that i can't scored when i know my marks for the KOMSAS one quite low. But fortunately, everything okay. Still managed to get an A. Phew. =)

Tomorrow might be getting back Physic and Chemistry papers. All the 3 Science subjects are my weakest among the all. Really, very very scared, worried. Hope i can score for all the 3 Science subjects. Will be going for lunch with friends after school tomorrow. Joel or Shan Hoe might be driving us there :)

Our plan for SPM holiday is still going on. Still a secret now. xP  So will be wait for everyone to confirm the date and everything. Ling Sze, please go! :)  

Btw, some iPad photos here. =)

the back side of iPad.

the game i am playing with =)

get this picture from Internet.
I kinda in love with iPad. It is portable, but a little heavy for me.
It looks like iPhone, but its bigger in size.
The Internet speed was really fast, compared to my computer and my lappie too.
A nice gadget anyway.  =)

One day, to the moon.
Another day, to the stars.
In future?

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