Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Bought this outfit from Kenanga Mall the other day! :)

Really really really love the blazer!
Colour, and most important, semi-formal! Can wear for other occasions too! Heee! =]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Par Tea Time

Its PARTY-TIME eh? Nahhh, its actually a cafe known as Par Tea Time which located somewhere in SS15. I went there with Peh Wen and Win Aun (my course mates) yesterday to DE-STRESS since we were so stressed about our assignments and presentations. Well, we always assume that sweet stuffs will make us HYPER & HAPPY eh?

And guess what we ordered for that day? Its WAFFLE!!! We actually wanted to have Snowflakes at first, but when we passed by Par Tea Time, and Peh Wen was like in love with the PHOTOS of waffles! And she kept on saying, "I want that, I want that!* And we ended up 'ta-pao' Snowflakes and ordered waffles. =P

Mixed fruit Waffle - RM 12.90 if i'm not mistaken.

Strawberry Waffle - RM 14.90

I'm gonna recommend their waffles to you fellow readers! The creamy delicious cheesy cream, smooth whipping cream and ice-cream, crispy crunchy waffles and also fresh fruits - thumbs up up up! :)  A must must must try yo! :)

Location :
Par Tea Time
No. 45, Ground Floor, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My first video assignment in my entire life!

This is it! 
The first ever video assignment in my entire life! 

My group members and I really, really, really, spent lots of time and efforts to produce this video. We were given a task to produce a video for social awareness in our society. We did some research on it, and we realized that DIABETES is in a HIGH RISK nowadays.

So, we created a storyline, with some love story bringing out the final message : Less Eat Sweet! Not Let's Eat Sweet!

So people, do hit the 'LIKE' button to support us, as marks for this assignment will be affected by the number of hits and like. Do support, support, support yeah! :)

P.S     Sorry for the un-natural acting as it's my first time acting, being the female lead character. We might not some professional actors/actresses, but we did put in lots of effort for this video production. Do SUPPORT! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things will get better right?

ARGH!! I left my thumbdrive *filled with assignments and notes* in computer lab at my uni yesterday!

And what's so terrible is, I only realized it around 11pm last night?! Gosh!! WHY AM I IN THE WOLRD SO FORGETFUL? SO BLURRR?!

Now I have to start my assignments all over again. It just, ruins my mood. Sigh. Will things will get better in time? Please?

Monday, June 18, 2012


Aiyor, everyone is asking me whether am I in a relationship with the guy in the video, because there were some sweet scenes in the video. Well, its a FAKE one definitely. Me and him just know each other for like 3 days?! LOL! At first we were like so awkward, because we never know each other before, and yet we have to act as a sweet couple. So, its quite challenging actually. Kena NG most of the time. =P  Anyway, will post up the video here as soon as we finish editing the video. Do support after that! :)

I have 3 more assignments to go + one roundtable online discussion in this 2 weeks time. I was really anxious because I'm kind of worried that I couldn't complete all these stuffs in time. Plus, presentation is required too, so Powerpoint slides have to be prepared as well. Aiyor-yor! So many stuffs to do! *kepala sakit betul*

But, I just don't know why I got no that 'MOTIVATION' to push me, to finish up the assignments. I just spent my time reading novels, watch TV dramas and Korean dramas, online and do research. Eeek! I guess I need to STICK A MEMO ON MY HEAD so that I know I have tonnes of assignments to rush eh? =P

Sigh! There's 'someone/something' bothering my mind. And I really, really want to get rid of it. Shoo! =[

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oops! Hectic week!

Yes, I had a pretty hectic week due to my assignment work load. Sobs! As I mentioned earlier, I have an assignment about creating a video for social awareness. It is my first time taking part in a video production, although its not a big production.

To be honest, I am pretty nervous because it's my first time acting as a female lead character. And I'm gonna said that, my acting skills are pretty poor. I'm afraid that I'll look stiff / weird in the video. Thank god my group members are superb awesome and we actually worked very well as a team. We took 3 days to shoot the whole video, and we were really exhausted. We started shooting after we finished our class, and stayed back for video shooting until 10pm +  And when I reached home, its like 11pm +  So practically, I slept kinda late this week. Anyway, we had finished the whole video shooting process, what's left is video editing part. Hopefully the video turns out good. And by that time, I need you, YES YOU! Your support for the video. The number of hits & likes for the video will determine the marks for the assignment. PLEASE SUPPORT WHEN THE VIDEO IS UP! :)

Behind the scenes.
Photos credit to Ju Ann :)

Final scene.

The whole production group.
Jacky, Alex, Cherry, Ju Ju and Mei Xuan! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Am I brave?

I had an "AWESOME" day at Taylor's Lakeside Campus today. Wanna know why its "AWESOME"? Continue reading...

Well, Red Bull actually came to my university to promote their drink as well as to attract students to take part in their game. The game is something like the simplified version of Wipeout (some game reality show series with world's largest obstacle course).

Something like this.
With 6 huge & long rolls, short-distanced Flying Fox and finally a perfect landing at a huge net.

This is exactly the same like the one currently in Taylor's.
They actually set up the game stage at the lakeside.

So when I was looking from faraway, I found out that the game was 'NOT HARD' at all, because the rollers seem perfect-to-roll-your-body, flying fox is easy-dupy, landing at the huge net and finally reach the finishing line. Then time will be recorded and the Top 3 would be listed down on a board. Of course there are two categories, which is male and female. And by that time, I saw most of the guys were playing the game, but not the girls. My heart was like, GO FOR IT! I should be able to do it. So I asked my friend, Wan Shin to come with me too. Amazingly, she said YES! And both of us ended up registered for that game.

Right after I gave them the registration form, I actually regretted. Because I was nervous because there were a huge crowd around the game stage, cheering up for the participants. I was like, what if I fall down? Will the crowd laugh at me? Some silly thinking just came off my mind, and I was like AN ANT ON A HOT POT! 

All at the sudden, the MC called my name! I was like, OWH NO, SO FAST? Should I go up or not? Of course, I went up the game stage because Wan Shin was cheering up for me. And when I first stepped up on the starting line, I was like WOW! The distance of the rolls are real FAR weyy! The first thing came off my mind that time was, I AM GOING TO FALL ON THE FIRST ROLL! The staff was helping me to wear the special helmet for protection purpose, while the MC kept asking me, ARE YOU READY TO GO? And I said NO. And after a few times saying NO, and the MC actually said this, ALRIGHT, I'LL COUNT NOW. FROM 3, 2, 1 and GO! 

I was uncertain at first. Then I was like, DON'T CARE LARH & JUST GO! So I pushed myself onto the rolls, and the staffs were helping me to move the rolls since I'm not able to move myself through the six rolls. My body was really pain, and my face was like ROTI CANAI, being ROLLED & ROLLED, and I couldn't see what's in front of me. 

When I was almost reaching the end of the six rolls, my body slipped down from the fifth roll. And my head landed first on the soft mattress, and then my body. At that moment, whatever I saw was BLUE, since the mattress is blue in colour. I tried to move my body, but I couldn't feel anything for my left leg. To be honest, I was kind of panic that time, don't know what to do. The mattress was so soft, until I couldn't stand/crawl. Luckily the staffs came for the RESCUE! They asked me some silly questions, like CAN I MOVE? CAN I STAND? CAN I WALK? Of course I couldn't, if not I'll crawl out from there automatically. Then they were like, CALL THE ST.JOHN! One medical staff approached me, and dragged me out from the mattress. Then he actually carried me to the resting area, while everyone was looking at me. I think I'm the first one to get injured in that game that day. LOL! My face was like, RED AND HOT. Gosh! I feel so embarrassing at that moment. Feel like digging a hole and hide my face inside. 

Anyway, I think I gained some 'POPULARITY' after the game. Everyone was like looking after me, taking good care of me. They were like 'praising' me for doing a great job, for being so brave to take part in the game. Thank you my dear friends! Kamsahamida! Glad to have this bunch of classmates as my friends! :)

Had been applying some muscle cramp medicine on the areas where I hurt myself in the game. Had some hard time walking, squatting, bending my left leg after the game. Hopefully I'll feel much better tomorrow. Video shooting again! Pray hard pray hard.  =]

Silly thoughts : I paid RM 2 for registration of the game, but after the game, I hurt myself and broke my toes nails. Yet, I gained so-called popularity, valuable experience, and the most important ones, caring from my friends. Worth it? or not? 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream Tasting Event

Before I start writing the post, I would like to thanks Melissa Newton for the invitation to this ice-cream tasting event! Thank you for the so-called Ice-Cream dinner! =]

The ice-cream tasting event took place at the New Zealand Ice-Cream outlet @ The Curve Shopping Mall. And a bunch of feh-mes bloggers joined this event too.

The bunch of bloggers! 
They are J-Loi, Iris, Tony, YeongBoon, Nana, Kelvin, Melissa, Benjamin, Michelle and Kelly! 

There will be two new 'products' - Pecan Praline Crunch Cookie Sundae & Pecan Praline Affogato to be launched on the coming Monday, which is on the 11th June 2012. And we have the opportunity to taste these new ice-creams flavours before anyone else. Awesome right? :)

This is it!
The Pecan Praline Crunch Flavours! :)
"A sinfully rich ice-cream filled with chunky pecan nuts and irresistible swirls of caramel fudge."
And what's so special about this Pecan Praline Crunch Flavours is, they will be on sale for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! :)

1. Pecan Praline Crunch Cookie Sundae - RM  12.90

Oops! It's melting!
Must be wondering what ice-cream is that eh?
Its a creamy scoop of Pecan Praline Crunch ice-cream!

Fresh strawberry, chocolate syrup, pecan nuts and whipped cream as toppings.


Best eaten when you crush the double chunky chocolate cookie and mixed it with the ice-cream! =]
DEFINITELY makes you feel like ROYALTY! 

2.Pecan Praline Crunch Affogato Drink - RM 13.90
Plus, a mini jug of espresso shot + caramelised pecan nuts + chocolate syrup - near-to-perfect combination of toppings!

Lookin' yummy, isn't it?  :)
Definitely, a mouth-watering treat that nobody can resist! 

Besides, we have the opportunity to taste the other ice-cream flavours as well. 

Look how fine the ice-creams are.
And I strongly recommend the Berryfruit Sorbet *The red-pink colour ice-cream in the pic above* if you prefer something sour, something that can tickles your taste buds! It tastes really really good! =]

Not to forget, the workers are quite friendly and well-mannered too. They provide good services to the customers.

A friendly worker scooping the ice-cream.

And they even let us try the ice-cream flavours that we want before proceed.

Happily holding our ice-creams! :)

The location of New Zealand Ice-Cream outlet :
K-G10-W Ground Floor
The Curve
6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +60 3 7710 8095
Operation Hours: 10pm - 10pm

Lots of ice-cream flavours to choose from.

Friendly workers, large menu board, and a bunch of toppings to choose from.

Owh yeah, on the 30th of every month, there will be 30% off for the regular tub & large tub of New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream!

Original Price for Regular Tub : RM 24.90
Promo Price (On 30th of every month) : RM 17.90

Original Price for Large Tub : RM 46.90
Promo Price (On 30th of every month) : RM 32.80

Also, a big THANK YOU to the marketing executives of New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream, Miss Chia Hui and Miss Candice for organizing this event too! Too bad I didn't managed to snap a photo with them.

Cooler bags with some merchandises were given at the end of the event.

P.S   Get cash rebates when you reuse this cooler bag on every visit to any New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream outlets in Malaysia! 
Yes, GO GREEN! =]

So, if you are craving for something CREAMY, CHUNKY or CRUNCHY dessert, visit New Zealand Natural today! No regrets! :)

Teppanyaki 铁板烧

Yesterday, my family and I had a simple birthday celebration at The Curve. Its to celebrate my beloved daddy's birthday! 

Although you like nagging me,
Although you have lots of wrinkles and white hairs,
Although you have a real big tummy,
And yet, me SAYANG you a lot a lot daddy! Mwah! :)

So we had dinner at Teppanyaki 铁板烧. My bro surprised daddy with a cake from Bread Story. Glad to see a big smile on my daddy's face! =]  

Teppanyaki 铁板烧 ! :)
My first time trying out Teppanyaki! 

Food of The Day :

Chicken Teppanyaki - RM 9.90

Salmon Fish Teppanyaki - RM 16.90

Salmon fish!
Fresh & Crispy! :)

Cuttlefish Teppanyaki - Couldn't recall the price.  :(

Fuji Ice - RM 4.90

The food was pretty good and the price are reasonable. Not really expensive though. Might visit this restaurant again in future! =)

Will update my bloggie with another post about my daddy's birthday soon. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to my dear sis!

Yesh, its my sister's birthday! =]

Her name is Xue Ren Wern, but everyone calls her Ah-Biii or Abby or SEVEN. Funny right? :)
She has a cheerful personality. Yes, a typical HAPPY GO LUCKY TYPE girl!
Oops, she loves to camwhore *following her sister's (ME) footsteps* Teee heee! =P

Of course, she has her downsides too.
She is kind of stubborn, that's why she ALWAYS QUARREL WITH MY BROTHER.
And she loves to sing, but she didn't know that actually, she's creating sound pollution in my bedroom. *Shhh, don't tell her that*  =P
What's more scary is, she SLEEP-TALKING in the midnight, which freaks me out all the time.

But all these 'stuffs', make part of her.
She is the only one, that qualifies to be my sister.
Only me can TAHAN her, and only she can TAHAN my style. 
HAHA! =]

We did have a simple birthday celebration with family just now. 
*Going to celebrate another birthday on Friday, which is my daddy's birthday, so SIMPLE one will do*  =]
Daddy bought her a pair of Converse shoes while I bought her a pair of Nichii high heels. Glad that she loves the presents very much.

Once again, Happy Birthday to you, my dear sister!
Love you to max! :)

Owh yeah, may all your birthday wishes come true, and of course, wish you best of luck for your upcoming SPM examinations! FIGHTING! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Find Malaysia Property

Oops! Having a hard time to find Malaysia Property? Nahhh, PropWall is here to help you, you and you! Well, PropWall is Malaysia largest property resources website with over 3000 property analysis articles and 400000 high quality property photos. And what's more, IT'S FREE OF CHARGE!

Just type or google PropWall,
you will find this attractive main page of PropWall!

In the main page, you already can find the featured properties, top properties, most wanted properties, hot properties and recently updated properties within seconds!  You don't even have to register to browse through all those properties in PropWall. Of course, you're encouraged to register as a member so you will get latest updates of PropWall from time to time. =]

So, if you're looking for a property in Malaysia, all you need to do is to BROWSE through the CLASSIFIEDS sections to locate the latest property for sale and property for rent in your area such as Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Mont Kiara, Puchong, Kota Damansara, Shah Alam and lots more areas in Malaysia.

Under the classifieds sections, you will get to browse through most of the properties for sale in Malaysia, just like how the screenshot shown above. 
Description and price of the properties will be stated there, and not to forget who to contact and the contact number will be stated there as well.
Superb duper easy & convenient right? =]

What's more, you can search for the property photos under the PHOTOS section. It ranges from condominium, house, office, shop, factory and land. Just one click, and you will get to see all of these! 

Screenshot of the property photos!
See, just one click and you will get all the photos at one glance!
Convenient enough right? =]

If you are finding Malaysia properties urgently, you don't have to ask your friends, you don't have to browse through newspapers or magazines or even pamphlets. All you need to do is go for PROPWALL! And I will make sure you have no regrets and get to find your ideal property there! =]

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ochado Signature @ Paradigm Mall

Yeah, there's a lot of BUBBLE TEA outlets in Malaysia. I've came across a lot of these outlets like Chatime, Snowflake, Each A Cup, Gong Cha, Ding Tea and lots more, but not all are well-known. Anyway, my all time fav is still Chatime! Really LOVE LOVE LOVE the chewy pearls! Superb QQ! =]

Yesterday, I came across another Bubble Tea outlet which is known as Ochado Signature, which is located in Paradigm Mall. Owh yeah, Paradigm Mall is a brand new shopping mall. It's HUGE, with lots of restaurants and stores there. Feel free to visit there yo! Its FREE PARKING now! =]

Sneak peak of Paradigm Mall! :)

Packed with lots of people.

Managed to take a photo with the clown entertaining the public! :)

This is it, the Ochado Signature! :)

The price is almost the same like every Bubble Tea outlets in Malaysia.
RM 4.90 - Regular     RM 5.90 - Large
Additional charges for extra toppings.

The top sellers!

The one that we tried that day was,
Pop Eggs Milk Tea.
The POP EGGS are not like the PEARLS,'
its not chewy, not QQ, but it will BURST when you bite at it. Unique right? :)

We tried Ochado Pearl Milk Tea too!
The PEARLS are smaller compared to other outlets, but still chewy and QQ. 
Not too bad though! :)

We ordered three drinks. And another one which I haven't mentioned just now is Green Tea something something. I couldn't remember though. *NOT A BIG FAN OF GREEN TEA*  =P
But the toppings they put inside the Green Tea is something called Shiro Balls!
Shiro Balls taste really good, kind of chewy! 

The girls with milk tea! Nom nom nom! :)

We had so much fun that day, shopping around Paradigm Mall. All the restaurants and stores are having promotions and discounts since they just opened. Will definitely visit there again in future! =]