Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY update!

Ahhh! Celebrating my CNY to the fullest, although I'm sick! *my cough and flu ain't getting better, gosh!* =(  My relatives from Singapore came over this time and they spent a few nights stay in my house. As usual, had reunion dinner at Sin Choi Wah restaurant with family and relatives. Took quite some photos with them, but unfortunately, all the photos were deleted due to some technical problem! So freaking sad! But anyway, the food that night was awesome, although its kinda hurry because we have to finish the food in about one hour time. LOL!

So far the first few days of CNY, we went for home visiting, to get ANGPOWsss of course! =P  But pity my parents, have to spend so much for ANGPOWS! Muahaha! We had our 'play time' too, which is gamble session with cousins. And this time, we played 'mahjong' - 'jimrani' they called. Its like mini poker cards in mahjong version. This game is kinda thrilling, because it needs strategy to win the game. Won a few games, and kinda addicted to it now! xD

Few days more then I have to start working again. Time to mess with kiddies again! Slowly, loving this job...

Friday, January 20, 2012

CNY fever eh?

Here am I, the baking 'sifu' eh? *perasan-nya!*  =P

All the mess we created that day.

Hazelnut cookies in the oven. 

Seaweed popiah, waiting to be fried under hot hot oil!

Fried seaweed popiah! =D

Fried Chicken Floss Popiah!

'Cacat' pineapple tart! =P

Not really nice looking, but taste delicious! =P

 Bee po! Had baking session with family last weekend. CNY mood on!! =D
As usual, we will bake cookies and tarts, and also popiah and keropok.
Pineapple tarts are the hardest among all, as the shape is very hard to make. Spent my whole afternoon baking pineapple tarts. Can't wait for CNY to come! hehe! xD

Btw, I received my first ever salary in my life!! 
Woo hoo!! All my hard work did pay off! The feeling, of getting the salary, is indescribable!
Gonna save my salary in my piggy bank! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Dragon eh?

Kingston 8GB thumb drive! 
A gift from daddy!  :)

The mini dragon's palace!  xD

Side view.
I love his tail! hee hee!

Look at his moustache! Yellowww! 

Ka-chaaa! Turn into half eh?
So cuteee, in red!!  =)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll go my own way.

Its me, again! xD  Just feel like updating my blog as often I can, although I'm really busy, tired with all my workloads these days. I totally forgot about the bloggers lou-sang gathering yesterday. I thought it was next week. Sigh. BLURR ME! :(  

So far, my working life was okayy. Having fun as well as 'feel like crying' sometimes when the children don't listen to my advice and mess with their own way. *Now I know, messing with children is not an easy job!* Sometimes I have to handle more than 20 children at one time. Most of the time I will sing songs and dance with them, make them feel happy, just like one big family. I'm trying my very best to cheer them up, as some of the children keep on crying, asking for their parents. Hopefully I do it well for the past few weeks.  =)

Well, I met a lot of funny stuffs when I work in a kindergarten with 4-6 years old children in there. Below are the 2 funniest, cutest thing that I ever met :

1. One girl, named Phoebe. She kept of crying, asking for her mama and papa. After 5 minutes, she will ask once, then another 5 minutes, she will ask again. NON STOP! LOL! xD  
But now, she found her 'boyfriend', Yong Fung - a boy who always cry and behave very naughty. Both of them are like bubble gum, sticking to each other. Now both of them not crying anymore. THANK GOD! =P

2. One girl, named Abby. She is kind of mature girl. When she went to toilet, she tend to use the tissue paper to wipe her ***, just like what we do normally. =P  But this girl, is AMAZINGLY SMART! She used almost the whole tissue roll at one time weyy! She pulled all the tissue and showed me, and asked me what to do with the tissue. LOL?! =O

Im'ma gonna rest 99 during weekend, and if possible, I want to stay at home, sleeping and resting ONLY. Then I will have FULL 100% energy for weekdays! Haha! *MY THEORY FOR WORK* =P

Owh yeah, just got my blood test results this morning. Not bad, but not good. NEED MORE IMPROVEMENT, NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT, like seriously. Aim : 50kg! Any ideas on getting more weight? 

And, one good news is, my house will be having a new car soon! Woo hoo! My parents decided to buy Nissan Slyphy! My fav car all the time! Very spacious and comfortable! :)

My parents chose GREY colour this time.
Most probably getting IMPUL KIT  for it. Can't wait to see the new car! =)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a teacher now!  :)

Me with the kids - Zac and Sue Ann.
They may be annoying sometimes, but they are good and friendly, in real. 

Me and Zac. A naughty little boy, but love to take photos! xD

Me & SweetYee - the assistant teachers in the kindergarten.

Well well, working life is real tough.
Came home everyday before dinner time, and what i feel is - TIREDNESS! 
Having sorethroat these days as the kiddies behave really bad in the class. Have to shout at them, and make them quiet. It really needs a lot of patience, and love. The kiddies love to stick with me, and I love it too, although its tiring. 

"I just love being with children. Its just, me."

So hopefully my working life would be good.
Gimme more love and patience, so the kiddies will feel it too.
Have faith in me?

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Foundation Convo Day!

Whoopeedo! Its my Convocation Day, although I just completed my foundation year.
Normally we will have Convocation Day after we completed our degree year, but due to my course - University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Year, KDU UC will organize a ceremony for the students every year. So, I'm lucky to be one of their foundation student in KDU UC. It is a nice campus, with awesome experienced lecturers and friendly classmates and friends. And again, thank you KDU for giving me full scholarship to study in there. Really, appreciate it.  :)

So my Convocation day was on 6 January 2012, which was last Friday. The ceremony started at 3pm sharp at a lecture hall. Normally the Convocation Day will be held in Auditorium, but due to the limited amount of the Foundation Year students this year, the ceremony was hold in a small, simple lecture hall. *We only have 10 students in that course! LOL!* Which means, I have 9 classmates only. LOL! xD

Alright, I'll let the photos do the talking.  :)

Outfit of the day.

The guests invited were being seated.

Mr Jaya, my Foundation Course Programme Leader.
Very friendly and funny type person. :)

Dr Todd Nelson, The Head of Pre-U Department.

He presented the certificate for me.

Say cheese!!  :)

Group photo. One of them, Ashton was absent.

With the lecturers.

With my computing lecturer, Ms Shirley!
She was very proud of our achievement for her subject. And she was like my mommy, looking after me during my foundation year. Thank you!! :) 

Note the centre : its my Math-S lecturer, Mr Yap!
He was trying to 'act cute' ! LOL! xD
He's the strict one, yet treat us really really good. Thank you Mr Yap! :)

Me and Joyce! :)
Lovin' my charming smile. LOL! *being perasan pulak!*  =P

Me and Audrey! 

Mr Jefri, my awesome Biology lecturer and Mr Yap.
Both of them trying to act cuteee! Haha! xD

With my parents! Love them! :D

Daddy took this for me! =P

All my certificates.  =)

And so, I'm officially graduated from my Foundation Year! whoops! :)
Still, life goes on, and I have to move on.
Cheers, for my Degree Year! Yayy! =)

Friday, January 6, 2012

A piece of my thought - Working Life !

Phew, finally its time to back to blogging life! *Always love weekend!*  Have been busy working these few days, and it feels like, my soul is 'burning' . LOL! I always have a thought, ' when I was studying, I'll think of working. when I finally working now, I feel like going back to study life. '  It is such an awkward thought right? =O

So talking about my working life. I am currently working as an assistant teacher at Sunnyboy Kindergarten nearby my house. Everyday I'll just have to walk there to work. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, SAVE PETROL! =P  Meals are provided too! Whoops! =D

Well basically, every morning I'll have to be there by 7.45am and get ready to welcome the kiddies. All the kiddies are so cutee looking! Especially the 4 years old and 5 years old kiddies *although they are the naughtiest in the class*

And this is the brief list of work I have to do everyday, except weekends :

1. Every morning, I have to make sure the children put their shoes/sandals in the rack properly, lined up to get their temperature check to make sure they are not fever and get their hands sanitized. 

2. When the school bell rings, I'll 'catch' all the children back to their own respectively lines in assembly hall. The kiddies will sing Action Songs and dance too. Of course, I have to follow them, which means I have to sing and dance like them too. LOL! =P

3. After assembly, I'll lead the children back to class and help to conduct classes with experienced teachers there. Since I'm helping out in 4 years old class, definitely it is a toughest job among all because 4 years old are the youngest one among all in the kindergarten. They cry every single day asking for mommy and daddy, run everywhere and I have to catch them back! I feel so tired after a few hours, ONLY! =(

4. After school, I have to help to take care the day care kiddies. Make sure they have lunch and tea time, help them to take bath, make sure they have enough napping time and give them tuition classes too. LIFE LIKE MAID EH? xD  I feel like sleeping with them whenever they are having their napping time! LOL! Feel so good to be a child! =P

5. Helping other teachers with daily stuffs like arrange storybooks, prepare materials for kiddies etc during the kiddies' napping time. 

The above LIST is just gmy brief MUST-DO job everyday. I have much more to do in fact. I'm not gonna say that it is a easy job because its just about children, but after 5 days I worked, I can guarantee that this job is not easy, at all! Must have enough patience to pamper and console them. But, I am lovin' my job although its a tough ones. Every single job in the world is not easy! With determination and strong will, I believe I will do it well! Pray hard!  :)  

Sorry for the long post without any pictures in it. Lazy to upload! =P  Btw, stay tuned for my graduation post! Gonna blog about it soon! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Disaster? OR A Lovely Day?

Hola! Time for a brief update.

My 2012 started with a BANG! =D
BANG - Started my work as an assistant teacher at Sunny Boy Kindergarten.
Don't know why I am so freaking excited when I know I'll be working starting from January till I'm ready for my degree course. Maybe its my first time working eh? 

I started working yesterday. The working time for yesterday and today was kinda short, half day only. We decorated the classrooms, arranged the storybooks and songs sheets and had teachers meeting with the teachers and principal too. The principal and teachers there are very friendly. We chit-chat with each other whenever we have free time in between our work. Its like, we are working as a team.  =)

So, tomorrow onwards will be our busy day - Orientation week! Working full time, from morning till dinner time, i supposed. Won't be blogging much on weekdays now.  =(

Owh yeah, talking about Orientation Day.
All the children will start 'flooding' in the kindergarten tomorrow. Kinda nervous actually.
I will be helping Teacher Liza or Teacher Pat to take care of 4 years old children - the youngest children in the kindergarten. I don't know whether can cope with it a not. Would it be a disaster?  =O
Teacher Liza told me that the children will definitely be crying and shouting on the first few days, or even weeks! I need to pamper and console them, make sure they won't cry. Definitely, a TOUGH job! 
Fingers crossed that I will be able to cope with it. X X X !

Monday, January 2, 2012

Personalized Calendar Review (Product)

Ello wello! Long awaiting calendar had finally landed, HERE
And I gonna said that Phototalkz's service is really fast weyy. I got the parcel from them 2 DAYS after I submit my design. *Thumbs up for their efficiency!*  =)
Do check out my personalized calendar review here .

And here it is, my personalized calendar!  :)

The parcel. 
Kinda nervous when I slowly took out the calendar from the wrapping paper.
My mind kept on wondering, "will the calendar look good?" 

Saw my first cover page once I took the calendar out. LOL!
Note my camwhore moments and some motivational quotes in it! xD

My calendar, proudly 'stand up'  =P











Note my month with a photo of my b'day cake! =P


Back cover page.
With another motivational quote again! =)

P.S   The backgrounds and masks are love!
So fresh, striking and attractive looking of this calendar because of these gorgeous backgrounds and masks.

And all this thanks to Phototalkz.
Amazing website to create photobook, scrapbook, notebook and calendar.
Do find out more here .

I really like this calendar, very very very much.  =P
Its like, a symbolisation of myself.
I believe, I won't get bored at looking this calendar eh? 
My photos were everywhere in this calendar. Heee!

Not to forget,
Credit to JigoCity, once again, 
for giving me a chance to do this personalized calendar review.  :)