Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a teacher now!  :)

Me with the kids - Zac and Sue Ann.
They may be annoying sometimes, but they are good and friendly, in real. 

Me and Zac. A naughty little boy, but love to take photos! xD

Me & SweetYee - the assistant teachers in the kindergarten.

Well well, working life is real tough.
Came home everyday before dinner time, and what i feel is - TIREDNESS! 
Having sorethroat these days as the kiddies behave really bad in the class. Have to shout at them, and make them quiet. It really needs a lot of patience, and love. The kiddies love to stick with me, and I love it too, although its tiring. 

"I just love being with children. Its just, me."

So hopefully my working life would be good.
Gimme more love and patience, so the kiddies will feel it too.
Have faith in me?


  1. Don't worry .. you soon have your own kids..
    They will drive you crazy and yet you feel happy for it ...

  2. lol,zac and sue ann are reli cute! XD u gotta have a great great rest during cny :( anyway,i can see u having much fun v the kids! :P

  3. haha, alright. thanks yeah! i'll be happy :D

  4. aww you look cuter than the kids in the picture :P

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