Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Disaster? OR A Lovely Day?

Hola! Time for a brief update.

My 2012 started with a BANG! =D
BANG - Started my work as an assistant teacher at Sunny Boy Kindergarten.
Don't know why I am so freaking excited when I know I'll be working starting from January till I'm ready for my degree course. Maybe its my first time working eh? 

I started working yesterday. The working time for yesterday and today was kinda short, half day only. We decorated the classrooms, arranged the storybooks and songs sheets and had teachers meeting with the teachers and principal too. The principal and teachers there are very friendly. We chit-chat with each other whenever we have free time in between our work. Its like, we are working as a team.  =)

So, tomorrow onwards will be our busy day - Orientation week! Working full time, from morning till dinner time, i supposed. Won't be blogging much on weekdays now.  =(

Owh yeah, talking about Orientation Day.
All the children will start 'flooding' in the kindergarten tomorrow. Kinda nervous actually.
I will be helping Teacher Liza or Teacher Pat to take care of 4 years old children - the youngest children in the kindergarten. I don't know whether can cope with it a not. Would it be a disaster?  =O
Teacher Liza told me that the children will definitely be crying and shouting on the first few days, or even weeks! I need to pamper and console them, make sure they won't cry. Definitely, a TOUGH job! 
Fingers crossed that I will be able to cope with it. X X X !


  1. hello teacher!!!!!Educate them well... so that next time they'll credit to you that you were once a teacher to mould them! xD

  2. haha! i'll try my best eunice! :D

  3. All the Best and be a good teacher.=D

  4. hello teacherrrr :D. must be a cute one! :P

  5. haha! alright alright. thanks! :D

  6. kindergarten teacher is a tough job but i think you can do it since you're so lovable in that picture above :P

  7. haha! thank you!! i'll try my best! =D