Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY update!

Ahhh! Celebrating my CNY to the fullest, although I'm sick! *my cough and flu ain't getting better, gosh!* =(  My relatives from Singapore came over this time and they spent a few nights stay in my house. As usual, had reunion dinner at Sin Choi Wah restaurant with family and relatives. Took quite some photos with them, but unfortunately, all the photos were deleted due to some technical problem! So freaking sad! But anyway, the food that night was awesome, although its kinda hurry because we have to finish the food in about one hour time. LOL!

So far the first few days of CNY, we went for home visiting, to get ANGPOWsss of course! =P  But pity my parents, have to spend so much for ANGPOWS! Muahaha! We had our 'play time' too, which is gamble session with cousins. And this time, we played 'mahjong' - 'jimrani' they called. Its like mini poker cards in mahjong version. This game is kinda thrilling, because it needs strategy to win the game. Won a few games, and kinda addicted to it now! xD

Few days more then I have to start working again. Time to mess with kiddies again! Slowly, loving this job...


  1. u need to get well soon..
    if not then u will spread to the children ...

    1. yeah, getting better now. and hope it will totally cure next week :)