Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions #2012

Since everyone was posting about their new year resolutions, so here I am to post my new year resolutions. LOL! 

1. Stay away from sickness. I wanna be healthy always, like a big boss! =P
2. Follow and chase my dream - successfully graduate from my mass communication degree course at Taylors and if possible, go for Master!
3. Gain more weight, definitely is a must!
4. Less stress, and be happy always. EMO, stay away from me!
5. Don't write / speak any rude words / foul language. Its just, so mean. =P
6. Know more friends and bloggers, gain knowledge & experience, share with others and blog about it.
7. Earn money *all by myself* and get some present for myself. Its different, to get something using my own money. Wanna get something like, maybe iPod Touch? Hmm. Kinda addict to Apple products nowadays.  =)
8. Forget about the past, and keep moving on. Get a bf, maybe? *since my parents are okay with it, i supposed*  xD
9. Study well, score with flying colours and get scholarship! *so my parents can save money for themselves*
10. Get to shopping + have buffet lunch / dinner with family and friends every week. 

Actually there's lot more resolutions to go. But, right now, 10 major resolutions would be good enough. 
I believe, 2012 would be a better year right? 

*shoo away the nightmares, and bring me the sweet dreams!* 
xoxo, with love.  =)


  1. I like your eigth resolution :P and yes do stay healthy babe!

  2. @mr lonely Happy New Year! :)

    @hilda haha! *shhh* thanks babe! u too! :D

  3. Happy New Year! Hope all your resolution can be completed!

  4. @luporti thanks! Happy new year too! Bless u! :)