Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Personalized Calendar Review

First of all, thanks to JigoCity for giving me a chance to write about this personalized calendar review. Before that, I always wanted to have a calendar of my own. Calendar of my own means, I design and decorate the calendar myself. *Wanna use my creative juice to create something of my own eh?* xD

I was given a User Guide Book to help me to create my own personalized calendar. The Guide Book has all the steps-by-steps, teaching me how to download and use the Phototalkz software to create and design my own calendar.

Phototalkz, a software to help us to create the calendar.
Click here for more information about Phototalkz.

The User Guide Book, in PDF form.



All the steps are show clearly in the Guide Book.
All I need to do is just follow the instructions listed in the Guide Book! Easy-duppy rite? :)

The process of downloading the software is kinda easy, the installation process can be done in less than half an hour. Then, what I need to do is to upload the photos I want to put in my calendar. The good thing is, I can upload as many photos as I want! =)  Then in the next few steps, I can choose the photos I want to put in the calendar based on the photos that I just uploaded previously.

I can download tonnes of photos I want! =P

Then we can set some of the settings here.
Like the starting month & day, number of pages and languages.

Next, save it so I don't have to do it all at once.
Its important to save it so I don't have to upload all the photos again.
I can do it whenever I feel free, having more inspirations to do it.  =)

After that, I was brought to another window to start designing my own calendar. It was kind of easy because there are some helpful guides there to hint me what to do.

This is the window where I was brought to.
And the photos that I uploaded are located at the left sidebar.

Then, the next few steps, are the time to show off my creative juices! =P  I can choose the page styles I want, the masks and background I want to put in the calendar, and also frames and decorative items like ribbons, buttons, pins and love to decorate the calendar. Besides, I can put the photos wherever I want as long as it does not exceeds the page limit. I can even write on the calendar too! Isn't it bravo?  =)

The backgrounds and masks they provided are kinda simple, and yet some are kinda cuteee too. *cartoon backgrounds can be found there too*  What most important is, I can adjust the size of the photos. I can put my photos in any size, and set it in different angle too, so the page will look more 'alive' . During the whole process, I can save it so I don't have to repeat the steps again if I can't finish designing the calendar in one day.

This is my front page of calendar.
A big photo of me in front eh?  =P

This is the pages I designed on my own. From January all the way to December.  *Front cover page and Back cover page are included too* :)

And finally, all I need to is to click the green shopping cart button to proceed to check out. Since I'm a first time user, I have to sign up as a new user. After that, I can start ordering the amount of calendar I want, and check through the billing and shipping address. Payment can be in credit/debit card form or through Internet Banking. And what's more? There are a few choices of shipping method while some of them required no extra charges too! Kind of convenient actually.  =)

Well, this is my first time creating my own calendar. It was a memorable experience indeed! *at least I can create and design something on my own eh?* At first, I was kinda worried that the process of creating this calendar will be tough and use a lot of time, but it turns out the other way well. The whole process is easy, clear and understandable, and not to forget to credit the User Guide Book which is really useful for the 1st time users. 

Will post the photo of the calendar in my blog once they send to my doorstep. 
Can't wait to see my self-made 'product' ! =P


  1. That's fantastic! With your own customize calender, you willn't get bored looking at the calender everyday :D

    I seldom glance through my calendar, rusted on my table. With this, I think I will look at them :)

  2. @kelly yeahh! won't get bored because its me all in the calendar! =P

    @nikel thanks! feel free to try it out! :D

  3. Wow, you're fast! I'm still halfway designing it ~,~ I'm not creative lahh sobss

  4. all those hamsap lous can put their favourite sexy chicks on each month :P

  5. @hilda yeah, can't wait to see the actual calendar with my photos on it. You can be creative too, slowly 'blend' the creative juices! =P

    @ken haha! good idea weyy! =P