Friday, December 9, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist!

Woots woots! Thanks to UNESTABLISH, I get to take part in their Christmas giveaway! =)  So, what's in my X'mas wishlist eh?

Scarlet Dress from For Love & Lemons.
The lovely black lace for the dress is so sexy!

Dress British Bund, from KLING.
Lovin' the colour of this dress. It makes me to have a feeling of, ALIVE? Start of something new eh? =)

Cora Leather Bag, from KLING.
I've been craving for a white leather bag for sooooo long!
The pattern for this bag is so simple, elegant, which makes me wanna own this bag so much.

And one amazing news to all! *SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN*  =)
For this month, enjoy 25% discount + free worldwide shipping + cash rebates on all your purchases!
Discount code : XMAS25

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  1. I love all the dress...Dress always brings out all the woman femineity..dont u think so?^^

  2. @hilda yeah, kinda unique ones! =P

    @eunice haha, agreed to max! :D

  3. I like that black dress... Suitable for skinny people like me to cover up all the bony...

  4. @kelly u'll look good in that black dress! :)