Saturday, December 31, 2011

Perfect X'mas Gift!

Thanks to Tongue in Chic and Chic Yamada for organizing this X'mas giveaway.
And I'm so lucky, to be one of the winner in this giveaway! 
The feeling of joy and happiness is so, indescribable! =)

The only Chic Yamada outlet is located in Bangsar Village II.
It was my first time there actually. Kinda high class shopping mall there.  :O
Saw the demo of Lego Land there too. Feel like going there now. Haha! 

So I went to the shop and try out the dresses. 
All their dresses are quite expensive. Most of the dresses range around RM150 and above.
The design of their dresses, kind of simple yet have a sense of fashionista. 
Feel free to check out more of their clothes and apparels here:

The dresses they offered for X'mas giveaway :
From left  to right :
1. Ash Black Layering Chiffon dress - RM 289
2. Red Floral Corak dress - RM 279
3. Deep Blue Layering Chiffon dress - RM 289
4. Maroon Polka dress - RM 279
5. Bright Red Layering Chiffon dress - RM 289

And after I tried out the dresses, I decided to pick Ash Black Layering Chiffon dress.
Look pretty formal yet elegant when I wear it.
So happy when I get it for free! =D

The dress!

Love love love.  =)

Like the material. *See through*  =P

 So far, it's my best X'mas gift ever!
Hopefully my 'luck' will stay on forever! xD