Friday, December 9, 2011

College Trip - Pangkor Island

Wello! Time to update a belated post - my Pangkor trip with college mates. It was our so-called year end trip a.k.a 'say bye-bye trip' since we are going seperate ways for our degree course. I'm so gonna miss them after this. Such a memorable YEAR for me! They are, so different compared to my secondary school friends. They taught me lots of stuffs, including legal and not legal ones too! xD  I'm glad and proud to have them as my friends. They are Tai Yun (Cloud), Peggy (Piggie/Peggle), Trishna, Joyce, Audery, Susan, Justin, Ashton and Marc. =)

So talking about the trip. Audery and Susan didn't join us for the trip due to personal matters, so Ernest (ex-UNSW mate) and Rif ( Joyce's friend ) joined us instead. We had so much fun and laughters during the 3 days 2 night trip. Indeed, a memorable trip after all. Alright, skip all the talking and let the pictures do the talking. =)

In the bus. 
All of us are so happy, RELAX! 
THE END of the whole course man! No more exams until degree! =D

Peggie, Me and Joyce in the bus.

In the ferry. Night ferry eh? =P
The bus was really slow like a turtle weyy. Reached the jetty at night. LOL!

Me & Justin.

Reached Pangkor Island around 9pm. LOL!
Headed to Seagull Resort to have a good night rest after that.

Entrance of Seagull Resort.
A simple chalet, nothing much there. But CHEAP accommodation! =)

Simple buffet. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included) 

Extra activities we had there other than water activities.

Guess what we saw there? Hornbill *if i'm not mistaken the name of the bird* 
First time seeing it, such a close distance from the bird.

Island view.

Surprisingly, the water is kinda clean too.

One, two, three, four, five. LOL!

Having the time of my life there. =)

Heading for snorkelling after that.
Joyce was helping me to wear the safety jacket.
Was kinda scared to get into water because I don't know how to swim. =(

Getting ready to get into water.

Group photo at Coral Island, place where we learn snorkelling.

LOL! I saw a 'monkey' there! =P

Fooling around with the only swing there. LOL!

Peggie and I.  =)
Went for Island hoping after that. 

There's a name for this island, but I forgot. 

People there called it Pulau Buaya. The outlook looks like 'crocodile' .

Trishna, Peggie, Me, Ashton and Justin.

Me & Justin, rule the world! =D

Somehow, I like this photo. The angle especially. Looking cool there! =D

In the evening, we went kayaking around the island. 2 in one boat. We race among each other to reach an unknown island. It was my 1st time trying kayaking, and it is a really fun activity, but tiring. Had muscle pain the other morning. =(  After kayaking, we played volleyball too. Ashton, Justin, Ernest and Joyce actually taught me how to play. And finally, I get to know how to 'start' a ball. LOL! Damn hurt when you hit the volleyball with wrong hand posture.

Lovin' the sunlight. Romantic view. =)

Me and Yun.  =)

They 'buried' me with mermaid pose!

Here's my mermaid sand costume! xD

At night, we went to nearby shops to buy souvenir. And my friends taught me how to use 'shisha' too. Feel bad after trying that, although its just one sip. LOL! I'm a good girl kay? =P
We also had fun playing Twister and Taboo. Our body were twisted here and there in order to win the game. It was really fun to play that when we go for a trip in group. =)

The next morning, we woke up very early to see sun rise.
Too bad, the weather was kinda gloomy, so we don't get to see the sunrise. So sad.

Nice sky colour. Purplish blue.

When the sun starts to rise. Orangieee!

I wish I can see this colour of sky outside my house too.  =X

Overall, this was my best trip with my fellow friends this year.
Although we knew each other, like one year plus of minus, but it seems like, we get something valuable in our life, which is friendship. Throughout the year, we learnt and have fun together, laughed and gossiped together, making fun of each other. This is indeed, a memorable year for me. It makes me looking forward to my future uni life, with new friendship and love.

End of the post. Phew! =)
Full stop.


  1. cool!! this remind me of my graduation trip last year as well to pangkor..hahaha although may be apart, the internet would do wonders in keeping u n ur friends close

  2. @eric yeahhh, will miss them very much! :)