Saturday, December 10, 2011

A birthday dedication post to you!

Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Min Hua,

its your Sweet 18, dear Min Hua aka Stephanie! 
Don't you realise it's a special date too? 12.10.11, its in descending order! =)

18 years of precious life so far,
so, let me flash back some of our beautiful memories back in AGES last time!

Have no idea when is this. But its in LingSze's house, having some party there.
Well, me and Steph have nothing much in common, 
but posing some crazy pose like 'this' is our specialist! xD

Focus on.... OUR EYES!

Our dancing performance back in secondary school.

Wearing traditional clothes together for class performance.

And finally, we graduated with flying colours! =D

However, after we graduated, we still keep in contact.
Our friendship does not change or 'rotten', instead, it becomes stronger. =)
We still hang out and spend time bonding with each other. 

Swimming session with Steph.

Gym session together too!
Still remember dancing hip hop there. LOL!

Marathon together! *Awesomely Fabulous!*  =)

Shopping together!

Celebrate birthday together!

I'm glad to have you as one of my sister.
You are a great friend, lovely sister and a passionate designer.
Chase your dream, Steph. You'll become a successful designer one day!
Have faith, have faith! :)

Say cheers to our friendship, sister bonding!
Love yea! <3

And Happy Sweet 18 again!
*Present is in delivering process*  =P