Friday, December 30, 2011

I know the truth.

Hello! Right now, I am in HELP University College with my brother.
I'm now in the library which located in Wisma HELP if i'm not mistaken. =P
The environment is good, kinda 'peaceful' i shall said, but still I prefer KDU's. Bigger, brighter and colder. =)

Going to stay here until evening or even night, i guess?
Am helping my bro with his LAW assignments. Can't believe I'm doing LAW assignments. So boring! =(
Anyway, he's still my brother. Will try my best to help him though.

Going to Chic Yamada later to collect my dress! Hee ha! =)
*a dress that I won from Chic Yamada X'mas Give Away* 


  1. Ah, college life. The part of my life which I'll never miss. Have fun! =p

  2. What course are you doing now? =)

  3. @tony haha, not my life. my bro's =P

    @queen right now, i'm waiting for my degree intake in march. Going to work starting in january :)