Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Future, seems ____________ ?

Time for an updateee! :)

So, talking about my future, which is my study plan for DEGREE. I'm still thinking about it actually. Now I think I made a decision. I think, I would want to study something about media communication. I know, its differ than my study route previously, which was Science all the way since I was in primary, secondary school and also my Pre-U too. But, I think for a long long long time. And I guess, media communcation is my type. I don't know why, but I would said its my sixth sense all the while that drive me to media communication. I just, love to communicate, social networking with people around me. And if possible, I would want to go further into PR, Broadcasting and Journalism, since I love blogging eh? =P  Well, this type of course needs a lot of creative juice + determination + communication skills. So hopefully, I can do it well. Can I?

And where to study eh? I went to Facon Edu Fair recently, and I found out some of the good universities there. They suggested me to study in IACT college, but I don't really like the location (Jaya One) due to some 'reasons'. So I'm thinking to study in HELP University, Sunway University, Taylor's University or Monash University. Still thinking right now, so hopefully some 'inspirations' will come and let me make my decision.=)

Yours truly.
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  1. It's good to follow your heart and own interest (: All the best then!

  2. I think help is the cheapest among all right?

  3. @hilda yeahh, thanks babe! :)

    @xing hmm, yeah, cheapest among all. Monash the most expensive ones. LOL!

  4. You look gorgeous!! Good luckw with your plans! Most bloggers (including yours truly) are taking up mass com. why not try journalism?

  5. @lily haha! i wish i could too =P

    @punk yeahh, i'm planning to do that. Most prob major or minor in that =)