Saturday, December 3, 2011

Facial @ Adonis

Hello wello! I went for a facial at Adonis yesterday. Won a voucher worth RM100 for a facial treatment at Adonis. Thanks to JQ Lee who organised a giveaway in her blog. Do visit her blog for more updates yo! =)

Letter from JQ  =)

The voucher.

Eyebrow Design voucher. Anyone interested in this?  :)

The receptionist, consultants and beauticians are very friendly. They gave me a warm welcome too. I told them I am a blogger, and they gave me extra services. So kind and lovely of them. =)   I was worried that it would be very pain as the beautician would pinch and 'force' the pimples out. But unexpectedly, it was okayy *although it still hurts*, but its much much better than other facial services that I had tried before. Had a good chat with the beautician too. She is a Malay, and very approachable. We laughed a lot in the room, and it did, ease the pain. =)  

The bed.

Mirror and stool for the beautician.

The machines.

Adonis products.

Make up / Dressing table.

There's hair dryer, comb and hair spray in the drawer too.

Meet my beautician, Syafirah *if I'm not mistaken* xD

Instead of the services stated on the voucher, she gave me extra services like using some kind of machine to kill the germs, more moisturizing stuffs like masks and lotion, extra massages and lots more. Guess what, the facial treatment actually took more than 3 hours! In fact, my mum was kinda mad because she waited there for a long time. The receptionist told her that the facial treatment actually took 1 hour and 15 minutes, but it ended up with 3 hours. 

Overall, the facial service was really good, quite comfortable. But, the time management is quite a problem. Make sure you're not rushing to anywhere if you go for facial! =)


  1. I haven't check the envelope from JQ has arrived yet :P Whoa, now I can't wait to try!

  2. wow...1 hour 15 mins became 3 hours!!! how is that possible?

    btw, u look better with ur short hair too!

  3. @hilda you have to try it! the facial treatment is really good! :)

    @emeryn yeahh, i wondered too! =( awww, thanks love!