Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I meant it.

Whoops! A post without photos today! I'm back to Malaysia peeps! :) Came back from Penang + Kedah + Hatyai recently, and the trip is awesome! Had so much fun with family. Its so hard to get the time to spend with my family, together u know. My bro, had been so busy with his college life, mummy had to write books and stuffs. So now, when we get the time to spend together, it's like so valuable for me :) During the journey to our first stop of the trip, we didn't sleep in the car, but we chit-chat together. The moments, are soooooo good, that I couldn't describe those feelings.

Grandpa is getting better now, so far don't have any more symptoms of strokes. Phew! Spent most of the time shopping in Hatyai. Shopped from morning till night, what a successful shopaholic eh? =P Bought quite some clothes there too, for CNY + future college life! Hee! :)

Alright, just a brief update for now. Gonna start working very soon! Woo hoo! :D owh yeah, gonna hang out with dear Carmen tomorrow! Miss her to the max! Hee! :)


  1. Ah, how I miss going for paid-by-family trips.

    Anyway if you read my post properly, Cup-bon is not another bubble tea franchise. It's been around for more than 10 years, as mentioned.


  2. Oh just back from hatyai? awesome!! will be there this coming weekend with my family..haha and welcome back

  3. @tony LOL!! ask ur family to treat you for free! =P really?? 10 years? =O

    @eric haha! yesh! =D have fun then! Shop until u broke! =P