Thursday, December 1, 2011

I found a job!

Woo hoo!! I found a part-time job! =)
Had my interview this morning.
Was really nervous when I entered the room, sit and waiting for the 'boss'.
And luckily, the 'boss' is really friendly.
The interview went smoothly, and the 'boss' employed me!
Gonna start working in January. *can't wait for it*  =D

And guess what job i go for?
I applied for a job : TEACHER ASSISTANT in a kindergarden.
I'm so happy when the principal told me that I'm employed!
But she told me that this job is kinda challenging, when all this have to deal with CHILDREN from age 3-6.
They can be very noisy, very naughty, and very annoying. LOL!
And the most important is, I have to make sure they don't cry. *toughest task among all*  =X

Somehow, I believe I'll love this job.
I love spending time with children, cuddling with them.
Hopefully everything goes well in January.  =)

Definitely, NOT ME in this way! xD


  1. Congrats (: How long will you be working? Not continuing your degree?

  2. u havent tell me where u gonna be teaching... anyway... congratz and all the best! :D

  3. @hilda thanks babe! few months i think until i start my degree :)

    @henry hmm, kindergarden :) called Sunny boy. haha! :D thanks yeah :)

  4. hahas u love kids? if yes, u'd certainly enjoy it!

  5. @jun fook @pennie thanks!! :)

    @fish yeah, i love kids!! so adorable! :D

    @ken i will :D

  6. Congrats. I hope it wouldn't suck more than it should lol

  7. @tony haha, hopefully everything goes well :)

    @MK thanks!! :D

  8. @jennifer @lolly thanks love! :)